SGA gives students the chance to be more involved in policy making, procedural structure and decision making. Members of SGA give students a voice on committees around campus as well as voicing the concerns of fellow classmates on campus.

Who We Are

The Student Government Association, led by the Executive Board and elected annually by the TUB students, is made up of the president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, and chief justice. The Executive Board leads weekly meetings of the class officers who constitute the senate.

There are four elected class officers for each of the four classes. The senior, junior, sophomore, and first year class each have a president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary. General elections for the Executive Board as well as the senior, junior, and sophomore class officers are held at the end of the spring semester to serve the following year. First year elections are held each fall semester to serve the current year.

What We Do

SGA is Responsible for:

  • Managing the budget allocation of SGA funded clubs and organizations
  • Proposing changes and ideas to the University leadership, Administration and faculty

Examples of changes proposed by SGA and then implemented:

  • Purchase of all fair trade coffee by food service
  • A change in the visitation hours
  • The Renewable/Green Energy Program. (All of EU’s electric energy is sourced from renewables.)
  • Monthly SGA newsletter to the students
  • Emerging adults closed door policy
  • Putting on occasional events for the Eastern community.