The mission of Eastern University's Student Activities Board (SAB) is to create, organize and implement a variety of co-curricular activities and events in an effort to provide social, recreational, spiritual, cultural, and developmental programs in college life for the Eastern University student body.

The Student Activities Board (SAB) is led by a student chair and is broken into four committees each with an assistant chair and two committee members.

  • Performing Arts—primarily responsible for concerts and coffeehouses.
  • Dances—primarily responsible for planning on-campus dances.
  • Special Events—primarily responsible for special trips and miscellaneous events.
  • Marketing and Promotion—primarily responsible for the marketing and promotion of all events.

While each committee has distinct responsibilities, all SAB members are expected to help with all SAB-sponsored events.   The thirteen members that make up the SAB staff are selected in the Spring of each year for service to begin the following academic year.  However, SAB is always looking for volunteers to help out and participate at each event.

For more information contact the Student Engagement Office.