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A prospective student posted a question in the group for first-year Leadership Fellows Program students. What follows are the responses.

Question: Tell me your favorite thing about LFP and why. (Or why you chose LFP/Eastern, whatever you want to say is fine.) go! 

"Leadership Fellows Program is a great way to meet people with common goals. It is a great way to learn to lead and follow. And it helped me in particular to have the courage to get involved throughout the campus."

"Leadership Fellows Program is an awesome place to nurture leadership and help it to grow. Also, it is awesome to see such a diverse crowd be so similar and quick to make friends."

"My favorite thing about the Leadership Fellows Program is probably the whole process of gaining the knowledge of myself and of leadership techniques that I need to be the best servant leader I can be. It's also an incentive to join clubs, which are super-fun! I've met some great people and made awesome friends in this program."

"My favorite part is the fact that we have so many leaders from so many different backgrounds in one place helping each other and guiding each other to be better leaders."

"The fact that I get a grant for being a leader, something that I would probably do even if there wasn't a Leadership Fellows Program. Thanks Eastern!"

"Favorite thing about the Leadership Fellows Program is probably the diversity of people and how we've all come together and we are all just so close.....and I chose EU because of the awesome community. All Jesus all the time. Word."

"My favorite thing about the Leadership Fellows Program is you find real friends really fast and basically have a family at school, which makes the transition to college a whole lot easier!"

"LFP = family."

"My favorite thing is definitely the friends with a common goal, as diverse as we are. We all want to learn more about ourselves not only as leaders but as Christians in general. We learn so much in a week and continue to learn more from the upperclass students and Tess and it's just so great. Helps with confidence and also really getting comfortable with the campus a week before all the other freshman get here! You're gonna love it. And also I chose EU because it just felt right... God was so present and everyone is just so pleasant! Can't wait for you to come experience it!"

"My favorite thing about Leadership Fellows Program is that you get to meet so many people with great leadership qualities from different backgrounds. The friends you make are awesome!"

"My favorite thing about Leadership Fellows Program is...the people. The idea that you learn about yourself and leading and following and God all while making friends that bring out the best in you and I love how it has challenged me. It gives you a support system and more opportunities to learn things that I think everyone in college should have the chance to!"

"Leadership Fellows Program teaches us how to LEAD at Eastern by FOLLOWING Christ! That + the family + the grant = an unforgettable experience."

"I haven't even been a part of it. But everyone just seems amazing."

"There is a canyon between the days before you move in for Orientation and the first days of school.
There is a period of time where you find yourself immediately immersed in the world of leadership, more accurately "followership," where you discover your aspirations and inclinations in a more raw way than, maybe, you even want to. It's very easy to hover above and around a concept like leadership, it's very difficult to immerse oneself. This is exactly what happens in that canyon. During LFP Orientation, I was forced to take an incredibly difficult examination of myself, of my abilities, of my leadership style, of my personality, and of my faith. It humbled me before my peers, it manipulated my shortcomings into lessons, it began to develop my worldview, and it drew me closer to my God. This canyon changed my life and it did so before I even sat in a classroom." Max is the founder of Operation Vote, a grassroots voter registration drive at EU

"As an incoming freshman I had about a thousand looming fears - fear of not fitting in, fear of not being liked, fear of being late to my first class, fear of hating my roommate. And all I knew about the Leadership Fellows Program was that I would receive a grant and go to an August orientation - another fear. What I did not know is that I would meet some of the most amazing people I have ever had the pleasure to encounter or that I would be challenged to examine who I am, what I believe, how I handle difficult situations, and how deep my faith really is. The LFP provided me with some amazing friends, people I can always count on, and a leader who always takes the time to listen to me and give me some of the best advice and lessons I have ever received. It gives you a soft place to land during the difficult transition into college. And just for the record, I love my roommate, I was on time to my first class, and I found a place where I fit perfectly." Cassy is a Small Group Leader for LFP first year students

"LFP helped make Eastern my home. I took a big risk in moving half-way across the country for college without knowing a single person. From the very beginning there was a group of students, both my year and with a little more experience, that were willing to help me make a smooth transition into a new environment and a new phase of life. I gained life-long friends through the program. Beyond that, Leadership Fellows Program helped me apply purpose and drive to my four years at Eastern. I started my college experience with goals that went beyond the classroom and steered me in a direction that helped me make the most of my time at Eastern."

"One of the first things I learned has been the leadership lesson that has stuck with me the longest. I realized I didn't have to work at being a loud, crazy, outgoing person who is the center of attention to be a leader. I could have the introverted personality God blessed me with and lead from there. Leadership isn't about the type of personality one has, it's about the action one takes, the trust one gains, the risks one is willing to take, and the power one gives to others as a group works toward a common goal."
Edie lives in Washington DC and is Leadership Development Manger for FCCLA

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