Technology Services

Eastern University’s Technology Services is dedicated to providing competent hardware, software, web, and infrastructure support for the entire Eastern community. Within these areas, we provide information systems support for all departments, as well as the responsibility for positioning technology as a core resource for all users.  Our programs serve the faculty, student, and staff user base, and include oversight of everything from the server\switch architecture to the individual desktop, laptop and mobile device. We help to enable the free flow of information across all areas of the University.

Technology Services has three components:

Our Mission Statement:

Eastern University Technical Services seeks to provide dedicated, user-centric service to fulfill the technological needs of students, faculty, and staff in all of our academic communities. Maintaining and delivering dependable access to data and equipment is essential to our primary mission of cultivating and growing all of our students for service in Christ’s Kingdom.


Philip E. Mugridge
Director of User Services & Media Services

Eric McCloy

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