General Questions

How do I obtain a transcript?

Transcript Request Form
To obtain an Eastern transcript you may mail your request to the Office of the Registrar at 1300 Eagle Road St. Davids, PA 19087. Alternatively, you may fax the request to (610) 341-1707. A downloadable form is available on our website under Downloadable Printable Forms. Requests should include: your name and any former names, personal address and phone number, last four digits of your social security number, dates of attendance, and your actual signature with the date. Include the full recipient address. Please allow up to 3-5 business days for processing.

* You may print your Academic Record (unofficial transcript) and your grades for any semester or session at Eastern University by accessing your myEastern account.

If you have questions regarding your transcript request, contact the Office Manager at: 610 341-1379.

How do I obtain enrollment verification for insurance or scholarship purposes?

Enrollment Verification Form
To obtain an Eastern Enrollment Verification letter you may mail your request to the Office of the Registrar at 1300 Eagle Road St. Davids, PA 19087. Alternatively, you may fax it to (610) 341-1707. A downloadable form is available on our website. Requests should include: student’s full name, personal address and phone number, and last four digits of your social security number. Include the full recipient address or fax number along with all other pertinent information, such as policy numbers. Please allow up to 3-5 business days for processing.

If you have questions regarding your enrollment verification request, contact the Transcript Clerk at:610 225-5011.

How do I change my address?

Change of Address Form
In order to change your address, you may complete the webform for address change and fax it to (610 341-1707) or mail to us at Office of the Registrar, Eastern University, 1300 Eagle Road, St. Davids, PA 19087. To ensure the security of your records, you are required to supply us with your student ID or last four digits of your social security number and dated signature and to indicate which address you are changing. Your permanent or billing  address is the address where the University sends bills and other similar official letters. During the semester, the University sends student related information to your campus post office box, or to your local off-campus address.

How do I change my name on my official records?

Change of Address, Phone or Name
To change your name on your official records at Eastern University, you will need to submit to the Registrar's office the original documents (marriage certificate, court petition, divorce decree, etc).  Photocopied or scanned copies of the original documents will NOT be accepted.  You may bring the original documents to the Registrar's office or you may mail them to the Registrar's office.  The Registrar's address is 1300 Eagle Road, St Davids PA, 19087.  The Registrar's office will make a copy of the original document and either hand the forms back to the student or mail them back to the student in regular US Postal mail.  If a student would like to have the documents mailed back to them with a tracking number, the student must provide the self addressed, pre-paid envelope.  All name changes must include our change of Address, Phone, and Name form.

How can I find what classes are available each semester?

To determine which courses are being offered in a particular term you may use the Schedule of Classes link at the top of this page. To check on whether there are seats available in a specific class, please log in to your myEastern account, click on the Registration tab, set the correct term, and search only by department. Do not attempt searching by a specific course code or title.

What do I do when a class is full, but I want to take it?

Students may register for classes that are full by having the instructor grant written permission. Instructors may sign the student’s registration form by the appropriate class, or sign the add-drop form during the first week of class, or provide an email which the student has printed out from the professor.

Where can I find my class schedule? And how do I use MyEastern?

You can look up your schedule on myEastern at

To use MyEastern, go to

Please enter your user name and password (the same for your Eastern e-mail account/case sensitive).

The Academics Tab

  • Course Search: This allows the student to search for classes by course title, course code, faculty last name, course description, and term.
  • Academic Information: This allows the student to see their faculty advisor and intended major(s).
  • Degree Audit: This allows the student to see what courses are still needed for graduation.
  • Course History: This allows the student to view all their grades and classes on one convenient screen.
  • GPA Projection: This allows the student to see how their grade point average would be affected by the current semester grades.
  • My-1098 T Info: This allows the student to view their Tuition Statement Data.
  • Forms:  This allows the student to print out forms commonly used in the Registrar's Office.  The following forms are available: Add/Drop, Change of Name, Address or Phone, Intent to Graduate, Undergraduate and Graduate Registration, Transcript Request, and Request to Withdraw

The Student Records Tab

  • Student Schedule: This allows the student to view their current and prior schedules.Class Schedule and Registration- This portal allows the students to register for courses and also to add and drop courses from their schedule.  Please note that this feature only works during the registration period.  Please contact the Office of the Registrar to find out when online registration is active.
  • Course History: This allows the student to view all grades and classes in one convenient screen.
  • ECS Immunizations: This allows the student to view their immunization records that were submitted to the Student Health Center.
  • My Account: This allows the student to view their award notice and any documents still needed by the Student Accounts/Financial Aid Office.  Students can view their bill and make payments through the Cash Net feature.
  • Course Needs: This allows the student to view the courses they will need to complete their selected program.
  • Grade Reports: This allows the student to display and print their grades for a selected Year and Term (a single session).
  • Unofficial Transcripts: This allows the student to view and print out their GPA, session, cumulative statistics, and detailed course information by program and term.

To log out of myEastern, please select the logoff link.

Find more help on using myEastern.



A graduate school has requested my GPA for the courses within my major. How do I calculate this?

Students may calculate their major GPA by listing each course taken, its credits and letter grade. Multiply the credit hours and the letter grade point value (see catalog, under "Principal Grades") for each course. Add the credits. Add the point values. Divide the total credits into the total point values.

What courses do I need in order to graduate? 

For new students, obtain the catalog of your first year of attendance and read the Graduation Requirements section. New students should also contact their advisor to discuss their individual degree audit available via MyEastern.

For returning students, visit myEastern to review your degree audit. It provides general education and major requirements.

For other graduation questions, contact Lori Bristol 610 225-5010.

How do I declare my intention to graduate?

Intent to Graduate Form
Complete the Intent to Graduate Form and submit it to the Registrar's Office.  There is a section on the hard copy of the registration form that asks for the intended graduation date and name you would like on your diploma. If you have filled out this section at any time, the Registrar’s Office will be tracking you for graduation on that date. If you would like to change your intended graduation date, you may send a note or an email to Lori Bristol (

Who is eligible to participate in Spring Commencement?

You are eligible to participate in Spring Commencement if you will complete all degree requirements by May 31 of that year. If you are currently taking a course elsewhere, you must submit proof of registration to the Registrar's Office before that date. If you plan to take additional coursework in the first summer session, you must petition to participate in commencement -- permission is not automatic. Forms are available in the Registrar's Office.

When will I receive information about the graduation ceremony?

Brochures containing information about the December ceremony are mailed to candidates in early November. Brochures for the May ceremony are mailed in late March. Earlier in the semester (October and February) you can expect a mailing from Herff-Jones, our graduation attire company, to alert you to cap and gown fitting dates.

I lost my diploma. How can I get a replacement?

Send a written request stating the reason that you need a replacement diploma to Lori Bristol in the Registrar’s Office. Please include your student ID or last four digits of your social security number, contact information, signature and date.  There is a replacement fee of $50.00 that must accompany the request. The amount is payable by check or money order only, and should be made out to Eastern University.

What are credits?

One college credit is based on 15 class hours of 60 minutes each. Each course has designated credits. At Eastern, most courses are three credits. “Credit hours” and “semester hours” are other names for college credit.

What are the General Education Requirements?

General education shapes students who are proficient in essential, college-level skills and who are skilled about the world, the humanities, the natural sciences and the social sciences.  The general education curriculum is described in the Eastern catalog and is required of each undergraduate student.

How do I declare a major?

Students should obtain a Major Declaration form from the Registrar’s Office and have it signed by the appropriate Department Chair. The Chair will hold a brief interview before signing the document. For assistance with major/minor declaration, contact Karen Thompson at or 610 341-5856.

How do I find out what special requirements are needed for me to declare a major?

Students who wish to enter the teacher certification track must show evidence of: 1. Completion of 48 undergraduate credits including two math courses and two English courses, including one in literature and one in writing. 2. A passing score on The Praxis Tests. These should be taken in the second year of college. 3. Meeting the minimum required GPA (see current Ed. Handbook for specific requirements).

Social Work
Students interested in majoring in social work must apply for admission to the department during the spring semester of their sophomore year. Upon application, students will be required to evaluate themselves and will also be evaluated by the social work faculty. Students are encouraged to seek employment or volunteer opportunities in social service agencies before applying to the department.

Do my parents have access to my academic information?

At the post-secondary level, pursuant to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974( FERPA) and university policy, parents have no inherent rights to inspect your academic records. Parents, or guardians, who request information from your student records must complete an access form and mail, fax, or bring in copies of the first two pages of the income tax record. In order to streamline this process, the Office of the Registrar has a Student Permission form that will allow you to grant access to your academic records. This can include but is not limited to discussions with campus personnel regarding course work in progress, grades, financial aid information, tuition and fee status, and copies of and conversations about other information from your academic record. The completed form will be on file in the Office of the Registrar, unless you revoke this permission.

Eastern University will verify the following directory information to inquirers: name, campus e-mail address, dates of attendance, registration status, class, previous educational institutions attended, major field of study, awards, honors, and degree(s) conferred.

How do I create an individualized major?

A student with fewer than 60 earned credits may propose an individualized major leading to the Bachelor of Arts. The individualized major must be developed with and sponsored by a full-time Eastern faculty member, who will then serve as the student’s faculty advisor. The major must focus on a central theme not expressed in existing majors; draw from several disciplines; range in credits from 33 to 60; include at least one-third of the credits in 300 and 400-level courses; include at least one-half of the credits from Eastern's course catalog; and include a culminating project, thesis or seminar.

The proposed curriculum and justification for the individualized major should be submitted in electronic form (e-mail) by the faculty sponsor to the Registrar (worksheet/format available for download on the Office of the Registrar website or pick-up in the office). The Registrar will review the proposal, add comments and forward to the division chair for action.

How are graduation requirements determined?

* General Education Requirements are determined by the year the student enters EU

* Major Requirements are determined by the year the student declares his/her major
These requirements will be reflected on the student’s online degree audit. This form should serve as the primary guide for course selection.

How do I “CLEP” out of a course?

College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Course Equivalencies

CLEP testing is explained in the college catalog. Students should go online to and look at the CLEP subject tests that the Educational Testing Service has devised. Each CLEP test is designed to test knowledge on a basic college course. A successful score is 50. Score reports must be sent to Eastern University (code 2220) for college credit to be awarded. Credit for the CLEP test is posted on the student's Eastern transcript and the course is considered fulfilled.

When will I get my final grades?

Grades are due from the faculty to the Registrar three business days after exams end. Grade reports are not automatically mailed to home addresses at the end of the semester. (You may print you own academic record from myEastern) If you need a printed report from the Office of the Registrar, you must submit a Grade Report Request Form available outside of the Registrar's Office (McInnis 251).

Registration Questions

Who is my advisor?

"You will be matched with a Student Success Advisor (SSA) on day one who will assist you for the duration of your studies at Eastern. SSA's are staffed by EU's Student Success Center/Advising Office to provide guidance, empowering you to achieve your academic, professional, and personal goals. The name of your SSA will appear on your MyEastern: Student Planning/ Plan & Schedule/ Advising. For more info go to

You may also be reassigned to a faculty member within your department for academic advising. During freshman year your INST 150 professor serves as your Academic Advisor. After declaring a major, you may be reassigned to a faculty member within your department for academic advising."

What is all that writing at the top of my degree audit and do I need it for registration?

At the top of the printable degree audit, each student's ID number, name and major are listed. The next line identifies the student's advisor. Students must contact advisor before registration to identify and approve courses for next semester. Advisor's signature on registration form is required. A comment section is next. This may contain a statement that an advising major is attached (Major for advising only. Must be formally declared), that a minor has been declared, and that courses at another college have been approved (App Crsw Elsw: BCCC: PSY100--S104).

When am I eligible for ON LINE Registration?

Your scheduled ON LINE Registration beginning time is based upon the number of credits that you have previously EARNED (does not include current semester). Check your Registration Guide for when you can register based on your credits earned.

How do I know how many credits I have?

You can visit myEastern and view your academic record to obtain the most up to date credit status.

Can I drop a class and add another after the first week of classes?

Unfortunately, the add/drop period ends one week after the beginning of classes. We do this to ensure student success within a course. There is a lower rate of success for students that add a class after the first week. Drop requests after the first week can be made in writing, including explanation to the Registrar. While you cannot normally drop a class after the first week, you can withdraw from a course with no academic penalty up until a certain point (check academic calendar). Requests for a withdrawal require an advisor's signature and brief explanation.

When is the last day to withdraw from a class without academic penalty?

Students may withdraw without academic penalty from a class until the 10th week of the fall/spring semester (2/3 through the semester). In order to withdraw from a course you may pick-up a form at the Registrar's Office or on the website ( and then have your advisor sign it. Please note that if you withdraw from a class it may affect your Satisfactory Academic Progress for financial aid. So, before dropping the class, stop by the Office of Financial Aid to make sure that there is no impact on aid for the next year (not current year). Please see the University Catalog for more details and refund information.

How do I withdraw completely from Eastern?

Eastern University policy requires that if you intend to withdraw or take a leave of absence from the University you are required to complete an Eastern University Exit Interview with your Student Success Advisor. Your Advisor can be reached at Graduating students do not need to have an exit interview.

How do I register to do a Directed Study or Individualized Instruction?

Contact the faculty member with whom you hope to do the Directed study or Individualized Instruction. The Directed Study/Individualized Instruction form is available on the Registrar's webpage and requires signatures of the instructor, department chair/program director and dean. You may not register for these courses on line.

How do I go about auditing a class?

A properly qualified student may attend a class as an auditor with the permission of the instructor and the Registrar. An auditor is primarily an observer and may not take examinations in the course. No credit is granted for auditing a course. Full-time students may audit the course without charge. Once a course has been officially audited, however, it may not be retaken for credit and a grade.  See the University Catalog for more details.

What are the Pass/Fail and Pass/No credit options? How do I sign up for them?

1. Pass/Fail. (faculty directed). Some courses are given only on Pass-Fail basis and are graded P/F by faculty action. An earned grade of P will give the student credit for the course but will not calculate in the student’s GPA. However, an earned F affects the student’s GPA average like any other F.

2. Pass/No Credit Option. (student directed). Students are allowed to use the pass/no credit option under the following conditions:

  1. No more than four courses can be evaluated using this option. These courses must be true electives. Therefore, they cannot be used to meet general education requirements, major, or area of concentration requirements.
  2. This option may be elected in only one course in a given semester.
  3. Although a P or a NC will be recorded on the student’s record, neither will affect their average GPA.
  4. Hours graded P will be counted as hours earned toward graduation. Hours graded NC will not count as hours earned, nor will they count as hours attempted.
  5. This option may be added or dropped ONLY during the first week of the semester.
Do I need to take a language?

The Language Competency is described in the college catalog in the General Education section.  Any student earning a BA or BSW must fulfill the Language requirement of our liberal arts college.

How do I take a class at Rosemont or Cabrini?

Registration at Affiliate Colleges Request Students may cross register for affiliate college courses through the Eastern University Registrar’s Office by submitting an Affiliate College Registration Form (available for pick-up). Students should check the Registrar websites of the affiliate colleges to determine what courses are available. For further assistance, contact Lori Bristol (

How do I register for a Field Experience/Internship?

All undergraduate departments may offer Field Experience 395 and Internship 495, but you must have approval to register. Field experience is offered for 1-3 credits and is graded Pass/Fail. Internship is offered for 2 to 12 credits and may include a journal or summary paper, or other academic requirements.

I have been asked to be a teaching assistant. How do I register for it?

If you are invited to serve as a teaching assistant or research assistant, you must submit the teaching assistant/research assistant form with the signature of the instructor and department chair.  Contact the registrar’s office for more information.

Study Abroad Questions

Who do I talk to about studying abroad?

You are in luck! Eastern has an Off-Campus Programs Coordinator who will be glad to speak with you about your plans. Contact Lori Bristol in the Registrar’s Office, 610-225-5010,

What programs are available for Eastern students who want to study abroad?

Eastern University is currently affiliated with many programs in the U.S. and elsewhere in the world, and more are added each year. There is a list of approved programs on the Registrar's webpage of the Eastern website. For more detailed information, as well as updates on new programs that may have been recently added, contact Lori Bristol in the Registrar’s Office,

What do I have to do to make sure my financial aid transfers to my chosen study abroad program?

You will have to fill out several forms, including a study abroad clearance and Consortium Agreement. All forms are available from Lori Bristol in the Registrar’s Office.

How do I make sure my credits transfer from my study abroad program?

Talk to Lori Bristol in the Registrar’s Office. You may have to fill out and submit a “Permission to Take Coursework Elsewhere” form.