St. Davids Campus

It shall be the policy of the Eastern University Department of Public Safety to provide vehicular transportation or walking escort to students, faculty, and staff when it is practical to do so. The circumstances under which transportation/escort service is provided shall be generally limited to:

Reasons of personal safety, such as those cases when a member of the community is traveling alone on foot from one point to another on the campus at a time when little or no activity exists in the general area. Generally, students will not be escorted for safety reasons prior to 9:00PM. Students should expect that response to requests for escort for safety reasons should be within fifteen (15) minutes. However, be aware that the officers could be attending to urgent matters from time to time, causing a delay in response time. It is not anticipated that such a delay would ever exceed twenty (20) minutes.

Security Officers provide Shuttle Service from the St. Davids Campus to the Villages, West Campus Parking Lot and local rail stations at Radnor. Call (610)341-1737 when you are ready for pick up. Give your name, student ID # and your location. You must be ready for your ride and you must be waiting for pick up BEFORE YOU CALL. Show your ID to the driver. Pick-up timing will depend on other ride calls and your location. Wait patiently for your ride. Pick up points on St. Davids campus are the rear of McInnis Hall and the front of Eagle Learning Center. Do not request a shuttle before you have arrived at the pick-up point.

Emergency phones in campus parking lots may be used to request safety escorts.

Public safety officers are authorized to delay or deny transportation and safety escort services to any member of the community in those cases when they are otherwise occupied with urgent campus security matters. In those cases, officers are required to offer a courteous explanation for refusing a request.

Nothing in this policy shall prevent a public safety officers from providing a safeĀ escort to a member of the community by walking with them from one place to another on campus, when practical. Sever inclement weather may suspend all Shuttle transports and/or escorts.