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1098-T Form Information

What is a 1098-T Form?

The 1098-T contains a combination of student personal data, such as name, address, Social Security Number (SSN), and institutionally provided enrollment data, such as status as a graduate or undergraduate student, along with whether the student was enrolled at least half-time during the calendar year. The IRS will use this data to help determine who is eligible for the educational tax credits.

Who is eligible to receive a Form 1098-T?

Students who are U.S. citizens and permanent residents and have incurred qualified tuition and related expenses during calendar year 2017 will receive a Form 1098-T.

What are some examples of qualified tuition and related expenses?

Qualified Tuition and Related Expenses

  • Tuition
  • General fee
  • Technology fee
  • Recreation fee
  • Program fees
  • Lab fees
  • Online Course fees

Unqualified Expenses

  • Rent
  • Dining
  • Bookstore purchases
  • Late fees
  • Student Health Insurance
  • Health Care Assessment fees
  • Telephone Service fees
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Publication 970 (PDF), Tax Benefits for Higher Education Form 8863 and Instructions (PDF), Education Credits (Hope and Lifetime Learning Credits)

Tax Topic 605, Education Credits

Form 1098-T and W-9

The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 (the "ACT") provides many tax benefits for persons who pay higher education costs for themselves and members of their families. These tax benefits include the American Opportunity tax credit for your first Four years, and the Lifetime Learning tax credit (for upperclassmen, graduate and continuing education students) or a tuition and fees deduction.

Under the provisions of the Act, the University is required to report to you and the Internal Revenue Service (the "IRS") certain information concerning your status as a student on a tax statement called Form 1098-T,Tuition Payments Statement. In order to properly file this form, the University needs your correct Social Security Number or Tax Identification Number (TIN). Federal law requires that you provide your correct social security number so that the University can include it in the information return, which will be filed with the IRS. Accordingly, please complete PART I on Form W-9S and return the form to:                                   

Student Accounts Office
Eastern University
1300 Eagle Road
St. Davids, Pa 19087

Pursuant to privacy laws and regulations, the social security number that you provide will be used for IRS tax reporting purposes only.

If you are considered a nonresident alien, you are not eligible for the American Opportunity, Lifetime Learning tax credits or tuition and fees deduction unless you are married to a U.S. citizen or resident, or unless you have become a resident alien for U.S. tax purposes during the year. If you feel you are eligible, please provide your social security number or your Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) to the University on form W-9S.

We also encourage you to consult the IRS publication 970:Tax Benefits for Higher Education. The IRS instructions for Form W-9S are provided within this attachment.