Why Choose Communication Studies at Eastern?

In the Communication Studies Department at Eastern University, you'll learn the art and science of effective communication - from workplace interaction to digital media to strategic public relations.

Join our community of peers and professors to...

  • Discover how different forms of communication influence the lives of individuals, communities, organizations, and nations
  • Develop your God-given talents and calling as a communicator
  • Experience professional communications through our internship program
  • Prepare for jobs in media production, PR, social networking for organizations, leading task groups, fundraising, promoting social change, and much more
  • Promote justice and peace in the workplace and the world through ethical, effective persuasion

At Eastern, our Christian faith shapes our study of communication. Our faculty have won national awards for their presentations and publications. We are dedicated to helping you explore ideas, expand your horizons, and excel in your professional and personal life.

“My degree provided me the tools I needed to strengthen my skill sets, and the confidence to achieve great things throughout my career. The professors went above and beyond in helping students be successful. They were always available for conversations- providing encouragement or to offer course related support.”

Kelsey Reed, '09, Associate Director of Philanthropy

Student Spotlight: Andrew Korpan '22

Andrew KorpanAndrew Korpan '22, a BA in Communication Studies major, who won Best Student Paper at the Pennsylvania Communication Association Conference, has begun working with "At the Movies." Andrew recently did an interview with the director of CODA, the film that won a historic Oscar for Best Picture at the 94th Academy Awards. Andrew also interviewed makeup artist Linda Dowds, who won Best Makeup for Eyes of Tammy Faye. Andrew recently interviewed 2014 Best Screenwriter Graham Moore about his directorial debut, The Outfit, which is showing in theaters. Additionally, Andrew received notification that he was accepted into the Cinema Studies master's program at NYU's prestigious Tisch School of Arts.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Communication Studies Department is to encourage and equip students to become competent, creative, and ethical communicators who integrate Eastern University's commitment to faith, reason, and justice into each communication act. We critically explore the communication patterns and technologies through which meaning is co-created.