This interdisciplinary degree brings together students who are serious about counseling skill development and theological inquiry. Designed for students who are interested in the application of clinical and pastoral counseling skills to the challenges of 21st Century life, this pioneering program offers a stimulating three year course of study aimed to provide rich dialogue within a unique learning community.

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Student Testimonials

Our Mission

The DA in Marriage and Family Therapy Studies degree equips church leaders and mental health practitioners through studies in marriage and family systems theory, theological issues, and psychology to create positive change in families, individuals and church communities.

Learning Goals

  • Students of the DA in Marriage and Family Therapy Studies program assess individuals, couples, families, and congregations from an integrated point of view, incorporating theological issues with Marriage and Family systems theory and pertinent psychological perspectives in pastoral or clinical settings.
  • Students create and deliver integrated psychological and spiritual enrichment programs.
  • Students demonstrate advanced counseling skills appropriate to meet the needs of individuals, couples, families, and congregations seeking mental health services and programs.
  • Students practice in-depth self-reflection to enhance their ongoing personal and professional development.

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