BA in History

Why Major in History?

The BA in History offers graduates vocational flexibility. While many associate historians as writers, scholars or discoverers of the past, the BA in History can lead to a myriad of career paths. Most commonly, a BA in History graduate earns a living as a college professor, high school teacher, a historical administrator, and/or a librarian. However other options include positions in the State Department (overseas service), a Washington-based institute “Think Tank”, Law-related fields, Park Service (Department of the Interior), the Tourism and Travel industry, Archive work, or law enforcement.  At Eastern, a BA in History provides a broad knowledge of history with special skills in critical analysis, research, and writing.  Coupling strength in European and American history, our students develop a Christian interpretation of the past and the present.

Why Choose Eastern?

  • Advanced courses in European and American History, particularly emphasizing cultural, religious, and intellectual history
  • Training in archive research, writing, critical analysis, and the liberal arts tradition of free inquiry and critical thought
  • Close proximity to Philadelphia and New York City museums and libraries; near other historical sites such as Washington DC, Baltimore, and Valley Forge; and close to Gettysburg, Antietam, and Saratoga Battlefields
  • Students work closely with faculty in plotting their futures, and giving direction to their studies. Students have undertaken internships at several area museums and television stations
  • Faculty research and service in the following areas: the intersection of Christianity and modernity, the religious controversies of the colonial and early republic periods of American history, the influence of European thought in Early American history, twentieth-century genocide, espionage during the cold war, modern European cultural history, the emergence of the modern European community, the crossroads between religious and political thought in the Renaissance and Reformation periods of European history, the history of Christianity in Europe through the seventeenth century

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