Why Major in Dance?

Eastern University's BA in Dance prepares students for careers in dance while equipping them to integrate their Christian faith with the discipline of dance.  The program approaches the study of dance in a comprehensive manner, balancing the academic curriculum with performance production.  The development of satisfactory technical performance based on sound biomechanical principles is supported by engagement with historical, socio-cultural and aesthetic theory, exploration of creative potential,  instruction in pedagogical practice and understanding of anatomical principles. The course work and community environment engage the individual on physical, intellectual, social, and emotional levels anchored in Christian spirituality--shaping a dance professional who is well-rounded and grounded.

“The training Eastern provided in the dance classrooms combined with the history classes and anatomy and kinesiology class has influenced how I teach my lessons. I am constantly using anatomy terms and discussing the history of ballet and modern when I am teaching the different styles of dance. ”

Megan Schultz '17, Dancer, Assistant Rehearsal Director, and Dance Teacher