Why Minor in Theatre at Eastern?

Eastern University's minor in Theatre helps students from all majors become more confident communicators.  The minor consists of 18 credits and can easily fit into any academic schedule.  Four required courses give students a foundation of knowledge from performing and technical production to theatre as activism and theatre history.  Students also choose three additional Theatre electives, which they can tailor based on their interest.


Course Number Course Name Credit
THEA 115 Acting as Communication 3
THEA 204 Introduction to Theatre 3
THEA 151 Basic Stagecraft and Design 3
THEA 150 Theatre Practicum 1

Total Core Credits: 10

Choose 8 credits from the following:

Course Number Course Name Credit
THEA 202 The Active Voice 3
THEA 235 Acting I 3
THEA 325 Diversity in Theatre 3
THEA 335 Acting 2 3
THEA 340 Introduction to Musical Theatre 3
THEA 350 History of Theatre I: Classical to Restoration 3
THEA 351 History of Theatre II: restoration to Contemporary 3
THEA 495 Internship 3
THEA 150 Theatre Practicum (This course may be taken more than once for credit). 1

Minor Credit Hours: 18

Course Descriptions

View Eastern's current course catalog for all course descriptions.

“The Theatre faculty at Eastern is intentional in creating a safe place for their students to create, play, and collaborate with any students, whether they were just discovering theatre or had been involved for many years. I think it is something that really made my experience as a Theatre minor significantly richer. As a Theatre minor, I left the program with experience not only in performance but also in other areas such as directing and playwriting.”

Sydney Becker, '20

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