Why Choose the Theatre Department at Eastern?

The B.A. in Theatre at Eastern University provides both a traditional liberal arts education and a rich array of hands-on theatre training experiences. Your professors will welcome you to practice theatre not only as a literary art form, but also as a laboratory for self-discovery, experimentation, innovative thinking, and creative risk, all within the confines of a loving and supportive community where both failure and success are valued for what they have to teach us as artists and practitioners.

The program is designed for students who want to discover and experience new aspects of theatre, while continuing to hone their skills at an advanced level of training. Students who participate in theatre courses or productions develop skills in self-expression, communication, and collaboration, preparing them for success in a range of fields.

The B.A. in Theatre: 

  • Provides students with a quality, immersive theatre education.
  • Integrates students’ spiritual life in the process of theatre making.
  • Equips students for graduate training and/or employment in theatre in a close-knit community of artists.
  • Connects students with the educational and professional theatre industry in the greater Philadelphia region.
“Eastern has provided me with so many valuable lessons that I am now able to utilize as I pursue my master's degree. The Fine and Performing Arts Division is so supportive of each other, and there is a strong desire to grow, both in Christ and our craft. My time at Eastern has truly shaped me into who I want to be as a Christian artist.”

Hailey Ferry, Eastern University graduate '23, Florida International University M.M. Musical Theatre '25

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