Theology & Ethics

The Minor in Theology and Ethics is a flexible program of study designed for students pursuing vocations outside of the church and who have a particular interest in Christian ethics and social justice. It is also suitable for those who may be interested in eventual graduate study. It can easily be paired with a number of other majors offered by the University, allowing students to draw upon the rich offerings of the Department as they think about their vocational pursuits in relation to the broad contours of the Christian faith.

The Minor in Theology and Ethics will appeal to two groups of students: (1) Students in other majors who are explicitly interested in a deeper engagement with the disciplines of Theology and Ethics that cannot be had in the General Education courses offered by the Department, and (2) Students majoring in Youth Ministry or Biblical Studies who want a simple way to increase their exposure to the context and content of the Christian theological/ethical tradition.

Course Credits
1 THEO 207 (Christian Ethics) 3
1 THEO 210 or THEO 240 3
3 THEO electives (200-level or above) 9
1 additional THEO course (200-level or above), or one of the following justice/ethics courses from another discipline/department: 3
  • BIBL 365 - Sex, Violence, and the Bible
  • BIBL 375 - The Marginalized and the Bible
  • BIOL 320 - Environmental Issues (every even SP semester)
  • BUSA 311 - Business Ethics and Leadership (FA & SP every year)
  • ECON 220 - Faith and Economic Justice (FA every year)
  • ECON 315W - Economic Reasoning Seminar (FA & SP every year)
  • ENGL 225 - Postcolonial Women's Novels
  • ENGL 299/PSYC 299 - Seminar by the Sea (every other summer)
  • INST 270 - Justice in a Pluralistic Society
  • INST 271 - Justice in Caring for Vulnerable Populations
  • INST 480 - Christian Marriage
  • PHIL 225 - Christian Sexual Ethics
  • PHIL 311 - Ethics and Justice
  • POLI 250 - Ethics and Public Policy
  • POLI 415 - Faith and Politics
  • CRMJ 220 - Restorative Justice
  • SOCI 373 - Social Institutions and Justice
Total Credits: 18