The mission of CCAS counseling services is to help students function well in the role of student at Eastern University, helping them to take advantage of the opportunities for academic, personal, and spiritual growth during their college years. To this end, our services focus primarily on here-and-now issues in the student’s life that are impacting their college experience. While students may carry a host of different personal concerns, our counselors will regularly bring the focus back to how students are doing academically and now satisfied they are with their participation in the community life of the University. This may at times involve exploring how the students’ past experiences are affecting them currently, but resolution of significant long-standing psychological or personal issues is generally beyond the scope of our services. 

Currently enrolled students, taking at least 6 credits in degree earning programs, are eligible for services. Response depends on availability of appropriate services at the time of the request.

Please note that CCAS counselors do not provide documentation for emotional support animal requests on- or off-campus.

How to Request Services

Students should submit a Counseling Services Request form, available at the CCAS office in Walton 210. The typical process is for students to have an Intake Evaluation after which a plan for support is developed. Students may be recommended to use CCAS counseling services (individual or group) or services off-campus, depending on their needs and interests and CCAS availability. 


The CCAS counseling staff adhere to professional, legal, and ethical guidelines set by the American Psychological Association, the American Counseling Association, and Pennsylvania state law. Information is not disclosed without the student’s permission except in cases of serious risk of harm to the client or others, child abuse, or a court order.