Protocol for Receiving your Diploma Cover

Please stand when your program is called. Walk toward the left side to the stage, up the steps, and stop in until your name is called. When you hear your name, walk across the stage to the President, take your diploma cover with your left hand.  As you receive your diploma cover, pause and smile, as your picture will be taken with the President. Undergraduate graduates, as you walk off stage, move your tassel from right to left.  All graduates please continue to the other side of the stage and down the stairs. Follow the marshalls and directional tape leading to your second picture before you return to your seat. Copies of these photos can be ordered, please check your Eastern email for details.

Receiving Your Actual Diploma

You will receive a diploma cover at Commencement. If you have completed all requirements, returned all books to the library, and your account is paid in full, your diploma will be mailed to your home address in July. Please submit address changes in writing to the Registrar's Office.