Housing Process

Housing Placement Process for Incoming EU Students

Building a sense of community that is characterized by Christian love and values is an important goal for our housing at Eastern. The Housing Office makes all room assignments. After these assignments are made, room changes are not permitted until the end of the first six weeks of the semester. The Coordinator of Housing must give approval for the move. Learning how to live harmoniously with others encourages the development of acceptance, communication skills, and confrontational skills.

Housing assignments are made for incoming students by considering a number of pieces of information about the student and available housing. The most important tool in this process is a student's Housing Contract. The Housing Contract is a form that students will receive soon after they have been notified of their acceptance to the University. It is important that students fill out both sides of this form. Once the Housing Contract and the student's Housing Deposit are submitted to the University, the Housing Office will begin to work toward placing the student in housing.

Students whose Housing Contract and Housing Deposit are received earlier are given priority. The Housing Office uses the back side of the Housing Contract to note the student's 'room type' preference (basic, semi-private bath, suite, etc.). Then the student's residence hall preference is considered (Gough, Kea-Guffin, Doane, etc.). When considering roommate pairing, the Housing Office uses the back side of the Housing Contract to see how students describes their living habits, interests, involvements, etc. to attempt to make as good a match as possible. At the point where roommates are matched and a room is available, the placement is made, and the students are notified via U.S. Mail and/or their Eastern e-mail account. In order to best place students according to their requests, the housing office reserves the right to reassign a student at anytime before the start of the academic year, even if the student has already been notified of a particular housing assignment. 

It is important to understand that making roommate pairings is not a flawless process. Especially as the Housing Process moves into the summertime, many of our incoming students will have been placed, and much of our housing will be filled. As a result, the Housing Office may have less availability to meet a student's specific housing requests. It also means there is a smaller pool of students to pair together later in the summer, thus the Housing Office is less able to match students with similar reported living habits.

Eastern University attempts to do right by each of its students. Some of our living spaces are smaller than others. Some of our residence halls are newer than others; however, we firmly believe that all of the living spaces offered to students are sufficient to meet their basic housing needs while attending the University. With that said, Eastern has attempted to offer housing to students in a way that is the most fair and equitable to the entire resident student population.

Housing Selection Process for Returning EU Students

Residency Requirement: All full-time, undergraduate students who began at Eastern AFTER the Spring of 2006 are required to maintain residency as long as space is available. The Housing Selection Process is the process by which students are able to select their room and roommate(s). Failure to participate in the Eastern University Housing Selection Process will result in the Housing Office selecting a room and roommate(s) for the student after room selection night occurs in April.

  1. Complete the HOUSING AFFIRMATION FORM - All current Eastern University resident students will receive an email in January including a link to an electronic "Housing Affirmation Form", which must be completed by the specified due date. 
    -  Students enrolled in University-approved semester program elsewhere must submit a form before they leave and make sure they ask someone to go through the process for them. All deadlines must be honored.
    -  The electronic form must be filled out completely and accurately. The electronic forms are time/date-stamped and considered in the order they are received.
    -  Students submitting the electronic form late or neglecting to sumbit the affirmation form at all may lose their eligibility to select their own room and roommate(s).
  2. Submit a HOUSING DEPOSIT - Students will have to gain financial clearance and make the Housing Deposit either online through the EU Portal or at Student Accounts in the Janet Mall Long Cottage. Students should make the deposit as early as possible. It is up to each student to ascertain his/her eligibility to make the deposit and make sure the deposit has been accepted well in advance of the deadling. At this time the Housing Deposit is $150 and is non-refundable. Refer to the Academic and Residence Life Calendar for dates. Do not wait until the last minute to deposit!
    -  Students who have not affirmed their housing will be notified via email prior to room selection night.
  3. REGISTER - Students must register for classes for the following fall semester by April 1.
  4. CHECK THE POSTED ELECTRONIC LOTTERY RESULTS at noon the Tuesday before room selection night - Students whose affirmation forms were submitted, who make their Housing Deposit, and who register for classes for the fall semester by the deadlines specified will be eligible to receive an electronically generated lottery number. This lottery number will be assigned by class standing, with seniors receiving the first numbers, then juniors, then sophomores. The results of the electronic lotter will be posted outside of the Walton Dining Commons for students to view by noon the Tuesday prior to room selection night. To review, interested students must submit their affirmation form, submit the housing deposit, and register in order to receive a lottery number to select their room and roommate(s), thereby securing University Housing for the following academic year. All Housing Process deadlines are published in advance (by November). Most dates are also published in the Academic & Residence Life Calendar, which is posted the previous spring. Each student is responsible for this information and for meeting all deadlines on time!

Apartment Application Process

Special housing spaces of different locations and sizes are offered to sophomore, junior and senior students through an application "bid" process. These apartment-type units offer students an opportunity to live in a smaller, more independent settings.

Students interested in living in an apartment on the St. Davids campus should consider the following questions before applying: Will your group remain intact for the full academic year? Is every member of your group free from disciplinary probation with a demonstrated history of positive citizenship both on campus and off? If your group applies for and is granted special apartment privileges and any member of the group drops out for any reason, are you willing to go back to the standard housing policies? If any member of your group does not remain in the apartment for any reason, will the balance of the group members be willing to accept a new resident from the Housing Wait List?

If your answers are yes to all questions, consider applying for an apartment at the apartment sign-up time. Apartments will be secured by submitting a paper application prior to the specified eadline (see application). Apartments will be assigned based on the group's collective lottery number average, with the lowest group number getting first priority. If a group does not receive an apartment, they can attend Room Selection Night and select a regular room on campus.If a group wants to, they can apply for special privileges (defined as extended visitation hours, 12 Noon - 1 AM seven days a week) AFTER the group secures the space. If the group changes (any individual drops out for any reason) the group loses the special privileges and the Housing Office will assign the next person on the Housing Wait List to the space. A group must remain fully intact to maintain their special privileges. Remember, a board contract (full or partial meal plan) is required for ALL St. Davids residents, including those living in on-campus apartments. GET YOUR GROUP TOGETHER! Please contact the Coordinator of Housing for more information.

The following is the process to apply to be housed in an on-campus apartment:

  1. Submit the Apartment Bid Sheet to the Housing Office (Walton 202-A) by March 30. *Submit this form as soon as possible. LATE BID SHEETS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!
  3. The group member listed on the Bid Sheet on Line #1 will be the group spokesperson for the full academic year.
  4. Every member of an apartment applicant group MUST have completed the housing affirmation form, paid their housing deposit, and registered for classes on time in order to receive a lottery number. Apartment groups whose members have not completed these steps will be consdered ineligible for an apartment.
  5. Semester elsewhere students who are studying elsewhere during the Spring semester who are eligible to participate in the Housing Selection Events may be a group member. The group must possess a written signed statement or an email from the student's EU e-mail account that expresses his/her desire to participate in the group. Attach the written statement to the Bid Sheet.
  6. Incoming students for the following academic year are not eligible to participate in the Apartment Application Process.
  7. The Housing Office will use the group's lottery numbers to rank each applicant group.
  8. Results will be posted outside of the Housing Office after the applications are due and prior to the Room Selection Night.
  9. Applicant groups not assigned to an apartment will attend Room Selection Night to select a regular room.

Housing Wait Lists

The Housing Office uses wait lists because they have proven to be most effective over time. While we cannot guarantee that a student's wait list request will be granted, past records indicate that the majority of students who are on the wait list are granted their request. If a student is on a wait list for ANY KIND of housing change in that space and that space becomes available, the student wil be moved into that space WITHOUT ANY CONTACT FROM THE HOUSING OFFICE ASKING IF THE STUDENT STILL WANTS TO MOVE. Once a move has been made, the student cannot go back to their previous assignment because of "The Domino Effect." Notification of room changes will be made via the student's EU email account.

If a student’s preferences change, the student MUST submit their new preferences to the Housing Office IN WRITING (EU email account or handwritten letter). A phone call or in-person visit to the Housing Office is NOT sufficient.

The wait list is in effect throughout the coming academic year until the end of the spring semester unless a change is submitted in writing. The Housing Office will work hard to meet as many students' request as possible, but we cannot guarantee that any particular change will take place.

Commuter Status

Students who fit into one of the categories for exclusion to the residency requirement listed below may petition for an exception to the residency requirement, in writing with supporting documents, to the Dean of Students:

  1. Living at home with family
  2. Currently serving in the military reserves or previously served on active duty in the military
  3. Attaining 23 years of age before the beginning of the academic term of enrollment
  4. Legally married

Students who do not fit into these criteria have two options to further pursue consideration for commuter status. Primarily, students can request to be placed on a wait list to be granted commuter status. Being on the wait list earlier or later in the year does not necessarily ensure priority over other students on the list. The decision to allow a student to commute will include the following considerations: a student's accumulated credit hours, GPA, and disciplinary record. Ultimately, the University only grants commuter status to students if it requires more space for on-campus housing. Thus, the wait list is put together only for the University to use at its discretion, if at all. Secondarily, if a student thinks that they have a unique circumstance that requires the University to consider granting commuter status outside of its polic, the student should write a letter of appeal and send it to the Dean of Students. This appeal should be a very detailed description of the circumstances the student is dealing with that have compelled them to appeal. It should also include the student's contact information. This letter needs to be written and delivered directly to the Student Development Office or faxed to the office at 610-341-1705. Submitting this letter of appeal does not guarantee that commuter status will be granted. The Dean of Students or the Coordinator of Housing will be in contact with the student about the letter and will move forward with the process from there.

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