David Wilcox

David L. Wilcox

Professor Emeritus of Biology

My education is in medicine and population biology, and my specific scientific research interests have included theoretical models of fitness, the nature of genomic blueprint hierarchies, selective models for punctuated change, and human origins. I have written and published a number of integrative studies in the faith / science area, and I am currently working on a book on human origins supported by a Biologos grant.  

I view scientific investigation as part of our obedient response to the Creation Mandate.  We live in a universe created, held together and governed by Lord Jesus Christ through the Word of His power.   We call that order natural law.  Science depends on the order produced by that faithful governance, and on the limited rationality of the human mind (made in God’s image).   And that is why we can hope to understand God's universe.


B.S. Geneva College
Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University

Courses Taught

BIOL 417 (Evolution, Creation, and the Organization of Biology) and HONR 203 (Theories of the Origin of Life)

Research Interests

The Integration of faith and science, theoretical models of natural selection and human origins

Published Works
  • Wilcox, D. L. 1996 "Adam, Where are You?  A Paradigm Shift in Paleoanthropology" Perspectives in Faith and Science - V.48 No.2: 88-97.
  • Wilcox, D. L. 1996 "Control Hierarchies - A View of Life"  in Facets of Faith and Science Vol 3. The Role of Beliefs in the Natural Sciences. Ed J. M. van der Meer, The Pascal Centre for Advanced Studies in Faith and Science, Ancaster, Ontario and University Press of America, Inc. New York, New York. pp. 227-242.
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Professional Presentations
  • “Dysteleology, Omniteleology, or Intelligent Design?”  National Conference of ASA, North Central College, IL, July 2011
  • “The Genetic Pre History of Humanity”- ‘Becoming Human in Theistic Perspective’ – Templeton Foundation conference, Omni Amelia Island Plantation,  Feb. 2012
  • “Updating Our Genetic Prehistory” - National Conference of ASA, Belmont University, July 2013
  • “Evolving Toward the Fall: Neural Plasticity and Original Sin” – National Conference of ASA, McMaster University, Ontario, July 2014
  • “15 Theses on Theology’s Door: The Matter of Adam”. – Eastern Faculty Workshop – Sabbatical Report - May 2009
  • He Said, She Said: An Origin Tale”, Science Seminar, Eastern College, Fall 2010
  • How God's Glory is revealed to us through Evolution” -  First Presbyterian Church of Pottstown – Nov. 2010
  • Dysteleology, Omniteleology, or Intelligent Design?”  National Conference of ASA, North Central College, IL, July 2011
  • The Genetic Pre History of Humanity  -   ‘Becoming Human in Theistic Perspective’ –    Templeton Foundation conference, Omni Amelia Island Plantation,  Feb. 2012
  • Updating Our Genetic Prehistory - National Conference of ASA, Belmont University, July 2013
  • Evolving Toward the Fall: Neural Plasticity and Original Sin” – National Conference of ASA, McMaster University, Ontario, July 2014 (presented by Dr. David Unander)
  • Are Humans Truly Unique? - Biologos Conference, 2015, Grand Rapids, MI, 2015
  • Making Adam:  Could the human race have been produced by natural selection?”  - National Conference of ASA, 2015; Oral Roberts University, Tulsa, OK, 2015