Dance Concert April 20-22 at Eastern University

St. Davids, PA, April 3, 2012: Eastern University Dance presents On the Brink, its annual Spring Dance Concert, from April 20-22 in McInnis Auditorium. The concert will take place on Friday, April 20 and Saturday, April 21 at 8 p.m., and on Sunday, April 22 at 3 p.m. on the campus at 1300 Eagle Road in St. Davids, PA.

On the Brink is a reflection of life in the spirit and the beauty of the world around us. It features a delightful program of dance by faculty and student choreographers. Admission is $10 general; $8 for children and seniors; and $5 with an Eastern University ID. Call the Box Office at 610.225.5545.

“This year’s Spring dance concert takes its inspiration in the newness of the season, in the life in the spirit and the beauty of the world,” explained Dr. Karen Clemente, Chair of the Dance and Theatre Department at Eastern University. “The Spring season evokes the feeling of new beginnings, new possibilities and a fresh perspective. The choreographers and dancers harness these emotions and the desire to start life anew in their performances. The students and faculty have put together a collection of pieces that I know will move, inspire and energize the audience.”

On the Brink includes choreography by Eastern University students Laura Diestler, Stephanie King, Emily Luca, Angela Littlefield, Kristin Gianoukas and Cathrynne Reynolds. The pieces range from presenting a unique Fosse-inspired jazz piece to a Flamenco-inspired dance. The themes sweep from the emotional to the spiritual to the symbolic and include everything from recognizing our brokenness as humans, focusing on what lies ahead and forgetting the past, and confronting life's constraints to a depiction of dancers as paint brushes on canvas.

Faculty pieces include Captured Moments of Seven in 7, an original work by Janine Bryant and Some Old.... Some New...Something Borrowed and the Blues by Saleana Pettaway.

Bryant’s Captured Moments of Seven in 7 was created specifically for seven graduating senior dance majors and is set to the music of Hans Zimmer.  It is a tour de force of music and technical choreography that touches on themes of fear, uncertainty, and love in friendship as well as trials during the learning process, personal growth and victories.

Pettaway’s Some Old.... Some New...Something Borrowed and the Blues is a four-part body of work that includes a reconstruction of Women Gather by international artist Dr. Kariamu Welsh. It explores the current lives of women and captures the essence of the female spirit and their physical beauty as they talk about life, love and relationships.

About Eastern University Dance
The Dance Program of Eastern University provides dance education in a Christian setting, enabling students who are interested in careers in dance to integrate their faith with the discipline of dance. The program approaches the study of dance in a comprehensive manner, balancing the academic curriculum with performance production. The development of satisfactory technical performance is supported by engagement with historical, socio-cultural and aesthetic theory, exploration of creative potential, and instruction in pedagogical practice. The course work and community environment engage with individuals on physical, intellectual, social and emotional levels anchored in Christian spirituality-shaping a dance professional.

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