Community Service Day Leave for Employees

Eastern University provides a Community Service Day leave opportunity within our Paid Time Off (PTO) Leave Policy for employees. This allows employees (staff, administrators, and faculty who are eligible for PTO benefits) to participate voluntarily in sponsored university, mission, community, church or other service-related events and activities that occur during business hours.

Consistent with the vision of Eastern University, EU employees are encouraged through this program to provide volunteer service so that our collective and individual time and presence will act to enhance the quality of life for others as we live out our University-wide motto of “Faith, Reason, Justice."

Available Community Service Day Leave Opportunities

The Office of Faith & Practice works with groups and organizations who have service needs. These associations include: organizations working with homelessness, hunger, poverty, literacy, elderly, environmental justice, food banks, Christian services, community development and other things.

To be Eligible to Participate:

  1. Employees may choose a volunteer opportunity from the list provided at the link above, or seek advance approval from their immediate supervisor for service at another site.
  2. Employees contact the site and arrange to volunteer.
  3. Employees are responsible for Youth Clearances if they are required for volunteer activities.  HR will need a copy of the employee's Youth Clearance for the employee file.
  4. Employees will use the forms available in the HR website within MyEastern. 
  5. PTO for service cannot be granted unless the processes before and after the day of service are submitted within the timelines specified in the Employee Handbook and on the HR website. 

Access the Community Service Day Leave Policy:

  1. Log on to myEastern with your EU User Name and Password at
  2. Click the Human Resources tab at the top of the page.
  3. Click on “Handbook and Policies” on the left-hand menu.
  4. The Community Service Day Leave Policy is posted as a .pdf file under the column labeled “Universal Policies.”