After you have been accepted to Eastern University, there are a number of things you will need to arrange. View a checklist of preparations to help you organize. Here are a few facts to help you plan.

Eastern University is located in the western suburbs of the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Summers in Philadelphia are very hot and winters can be quite cold. Consider packing a variety of clothing.

The closest international airport is Philadelphia International Airport (PHL).
Information about Philadelphia airport is available online at

Other international airports and their approximate distance from Philadelphia:

Airports Distance Driving Time
Newark International Airport (Newark, NJ) 93 miles 2 hours
John F. Kennedy International (New York, New York) 118 miles 3 hours
Baltimore-Washington International(Baltimore, MD) 99 miles 2 hours
Washington Dulles International  (Washington, DC) 150 miles 3 hours

On-campus accommodations are assigned to undergraduate students, but international graduate students are eligible to live on-campus if there are vacancies. Graduate students will likely need to find off-campus housing. Graduate students may want to investigate the Village Apartments on the west campus at St. Davids. They may request information from the housing office. Incoming undergraduate students receive a housing contract from the Admissions Office, which must be filled out and returned with the corresponding deposit. More information and forms are accessible on the residence life page.

Your admissions counselor or program coordinator will assist you with your course registration. You will be assigned when you arrive, an academic advisor to help with course selection throughout your studies. Links to other things you must do prior to arrival is found on the Student Development webpage.

Plan to arrive for international student orientation, and make sure you have submitted completed health forms. Late arrival or missing health forms can result in the denial of class enrollment or in the refusal to let you move into your room. All first-year international students are required to take the student insurance plan. More information can be found on the student health center webpages.

We wish you the best as you prepare to come to Eastern, and feel free to contact OISSS or your program coordinator if you have any questions.