Student Application Deadlines

Application deadlines will vary between programs, but even the published deadline for a particular program can be too late for an international applicant. Here is a general guideline to help international applicants plan enough time for financial documentation and visa processes. To be ready for I-20 issuance, an international applicant must have met all financial requirements in addition to academic acceptance.


  • Spring 24: October 10, 2023
  • Fall 24: May 28, 2024
  • Spring 25: October 15, 2024

90 Days from Program Start:


  • International applicants must receive academic acceptance to their programs. If there are still missing transcripts or other unresolved issues, the applicant must re-apply. Exceptions for students who are already in the US in valid F-1 status, or for Canadian students who are visa-exempt, will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
  • International applicants who must request a change of status (COS) from USCIS must not only be academically accepted, but must also have completed all financial documentation, paid any required deposit(s) and be ready for I-20 issuance. They must apply to USCIS for COS no later than 90 days in advance of their program start. In most cases, the student cannot start classes until the COS is approved.
  • SEVIS transfer students needing to travel in order to renew their visas, must be ready for I-20¬†issuance.

60 Days from Program Start:

  • Accepted international applicants must have completed all required financial documentation, paid the required deposit and be ready for I-20¬†issuance. I-20 issuance must take place immediately for international students applying for visas overseas. They need at least 60 days for visa processes.

30 Days from Program Start:

    • SEVIS transfers must be ready for document issuance. Completed health forms must be submitted to the Student Health Center. Eastern reserves the right to terminate the SEVIS record of an incoming student if the health forms are not submitted on time.
    • All F-1 international students in all programs are required to attend international student orientation. Students who do not arrive in time for orientation, or who have not submitted completed health forms by the start of classes, may be denied enrollment. We encourage applicants to adhere to these guidelines in order to avoid negative consequences.