Susan McMonagle

Susannah K. McMonagle

Affiliate Professor of Communication Studies

Andrews 207

Professor McMonagle knew when she was in high school that she would pursue a college degree in Communication.  Despite other interesting majors, internships, and professors, she never wavered in her love for all things communication – advertising production, event planning, organizing and bringing together communities, and understanding how media impact societies both near and distant.

Having earned her B.A. in Communication Studies at Eastern University, Prof. McMonagle then completed a M.A. in Strategic Communication at Villanova University. While studying at Villanova, she began working at The Leader’s Edge, a leadership development firm serving businesses in the greater Philadelphia region.  Eventually promoted to Director of Client Communications, she spearheaded many of the external communication campaigns and marketing initiatives geared toward new and existing clients.  She also ran events for The Leader’s Edge – from corporate networking events to business meetings, and from corporate holiday parties to book signings.  Each of these initiatives gave her a chance to meet new people, which is one of her favorite things in life.  After several years in marketing communications, Professor McMonagle realized her desire to be back in the college classroom and finished her Ph.D. at Temple University with a doctorate in Media and Communication.  She joined Eastern in 2014 and is thrilled to be a part of the Communication Studies Department.


B.A. Eastern University
M.A. Villanova University
Ph.D. Temple University

Courses Taught

Introduction to Mass Media, Public Relations, Writing for the Media, Social Media in Organizations, Advertising Communication, Public Speaking, Organizational Communication, Internship for Communication Studies Majors

Why I Teach at Eastern

I teach at Eastern because I have a passion for teaching students how media impacts our relationships with the world, our families, our friends; how it impacts career choices and success; and most importantly, how media impacts our relationship with God.

Research Interests

Crisis communication, media framing, Twitter, global advertising.

Select Publications and Presentations


  • McMonagle, S. K. (2020). Zika, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Secrets Resorts: Using a viral outbreak to teach students about crisis communication. Communication Teacher, 1-7. DOI: 10.1080/17404622.2020.1735643
  • McMonagle, S. K. (2019). The Age of Fragmentation: 100 Days of Trump's Tweets through the Lens of Neil Postman. Pennsylvania Communication Annual, 75, 36-61.
  • McMonagle, S. K. (2017). “Selling the Global Story - To Consumers, To Ourselves: Advertising Production at Airbnb, Campbells Soup, and Under Armour.” Paper presented at the Eastern Communication Association Conference, Boston, MA.
  • McMonagle, S. K. (2016). “The Diffusion of Global Advertising: How Global Producers ‘Get Work Done.’” Paper presented at the National Communication Association Conference, Philadelphia, PA. 
  • McMonagle, S. K. (2015). “Advertising and Globalization: A Case Study Analysis of Ford’s Global Advertising Campaign, ‘Go Further.’” Paper presented at the Eastern Communication Association Conference, Philadelphia, PA.
  • McMonagle, S. K. (2014). “The Framing of Doping Culture: The Rise and Fall of Lance Armstrong.” Paper presented at the Mid-Atlantic Popular & American Culture Association Conference, Baltimore, MD.
  • McMonagle, S. K. (2013). “The Sportiest Catwalk on Earth: How Sport & Fashion Collide on the Olympic Stage.” Paper presented at the National Communication Association Conference, Washington, DC.    *Awarded Top Paper
  • McMonagle, S. K. (2013). “The Women’s Olympics: News Framing of Women’s Sports and Female Athletes at the 2012 London Olympics.” Paper presented at the National Communication Association Conference, Washington, DC.