Tyrell Johnson

Academic Outreach Manager


Tyrell Johnson is an Academic Outreach Manager in the College of Education. Originally from  New Jersey, Tyrell credits his parents with opening doors for him and his siblings to create big opportunities despite minimal educational resources. Tyrell earned a scholarship opportunity to attend the HBCU Delaware State University, an institution that gave him hope and allowed him to evolve “into someone only God knew I could.” He graduated from DSU in 2013 with a degree in Criminal Justice and an understanding that God wanted him to help people—in whatever way he could. Upon graduation, he studied at Bryn Mawr College, worked in homelessness and education, and did community work alongside his fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha. He identifies Eastern University as a Christian university that stands on the same morals and values that he lives by in his everyday life: authenticity, stewardship, thoughtfulness, enthusiasm, relationships, and innovation. After meeting Dr. Edgar-Smith and the CEBS team, Tyrell knew that he wanted to call Eastern home, stating, “Their relationship with God, knowledge base on advising/educating, was unmatched.”