Minor in Dance

Minor in Dance

Why Minor in Dance at Eastern? 

The minor in Dance at Eastern University includes coursework in dance technique, dance history, creative process and performance, and world dance.

Dance Technique Courses: Audition/Leveling Class required

  • DANC 122 Global Dance Forms (2)
  • DANC 231 Intermediate Modern Dance: Theory and Technique
  • DANC 232 Intermediate Jazz Dance: Theory and Technique
  • DANC 234 Intermediate Ballet Dance: Theory and Technique

Dance Theory Courses:

  • DANC 250 Modern Dance History OR DAN 375 World Dance (3)
  • DANC 233 Liturgical Dance History and Practice (3)
  • DANC 386 Dance Composition (3)

Dance Education Courses:

  • DANC 103 Movement and Rhythms for Children OR EDU 300 Arts Integration in the Classroom (2-3)
  • DANC 345 Methods and Techniques of Dance Instruction (3)

Dance Performance Courses:

  • DANC 140 Sacred Dance Group (2) OR DANC 340 Dance Repertory (2)

Total Credit Hours: 24-25

Note: KINE 100 is required as the Physical Fitness core course.

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