Data Science and Data Analytics are both exciting fields with a wide array of in-demand career options. You may be wondering which of Eastern University’s master’s degree programs are right for you. We’ve created this helpful comparison chart to outline some of the similarities and differences between the two programs.

Which Program is Right for You?

  MS Data Science MS Data Analytics
Cost Cost: $9,900 Cost: $9,990
Length 30 credits
(as few as 10 months)
30 credits
(as few as 10 months)
Undergraduate GPA Required 3.0 3.0
Program Focus Preparation and modeling of data using statistical and machine learning methods Generating actionable insights from existing data
Unique Classes Machine learning; Natural language processing Data science for business, information visualization; The business environment; Healthcare finance and analytics
Career Options Data scientist, machine learning engineer, data architect Data analyst, business analyst, operations analyst, data visualization specialist

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