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How can a program this inexpensive provide an outstanding education?

Our innovative self-paced, flexible design allows us to provide a high-quality education at a fraction of the price of most other programs. Instead of professors lecturing at set times, setting due dates, requiring you to learn exclusively from their materials, or requiring you to be in a cohort, our expert faculty have created online, asynchronous, video-based coursework that is designed to be completed at any time that is convenient for you. This maximizes flexibility to learn as a part of your busy work, family, and personal life, and lessens the need for expensive faculty input.

Eastern is a nationally-recognized university, repeatedly ranked among the Top Tier of Regional Universities in the North by U.S. News and World Report. Founded in 1925, we have a long legacy of providing high-quality academic programs, rooted in our core values of faith, reason, and justice. Our goal with the LifeFlex™ model is to provide students with affordable, convenient programs that fit into their busy lives and empower them to reach their career goals.

What is the LifeFlex Approach? 

This innovative, self-paced, 100% online format allows students to complete their coursework at the pace that works for their schedule. Within each 7-week period, you can move as quickly as you’d like once your course starts. You can also choose whether you want to take one or two courses per 7-week term; and you are welcome to take terms off from classes to allow for professional and personal responsibilities.

Learn more about the LifeFlex model.

What does "self-paced" mean?

Within the parameters of our 7-week course structure, students can complete the assignments at their own pace. There are no specific "log in" times, which maximizes flexibility for you to work around your schedule. All assignments must be completed by the end of the 7-week session. 

How much time should I expect to commit to completing any particular course? 

Students should expect to spend about 10-15 hours per week per course. Students with little or no prior knowledge with particular course content may need more than 10-15 hrs.

Should I take 1 or 2 courses a semester? 

We recommend starting off with one course a semester until you get a feel for what course loads entail and how they fit with your personal life and background knowledge on the course content you may bring with you.  

When do the terms begin?

All dates can be found on the Registrar's website. Click on the appropriate “Accelerated 7-week Calendar” and you can learn all of our start date options.

Are there opportunities for networking?

Yes! Students can connect with other professionals, both students and faculty, through networking events and in-class forums. Alumni will also join Eastern's worldwide alumni network, which includes alumni in all 50 states and 132 countries, and can build professional connections through the Eastern University Alumni LinkedIn group. 

How does the program prepare students to be ethical, morally-grounded practitioners?

Our program reflects on the critical, moral, philosophical, and spiritual values often overlooked in data science or data analytics programs. Our passionate faculty, grounded in Christian values and ethics, see students as bearers of the image of God and not simply as a set of data points to be manipulated.

Note: While Eastern University is rooted in Christian faith, we welcome all students to enroll in our programs! No faith background is needed to apply or to be successful in this program.