Past Colloquia Speakers

The On Knowing Humanity Colloquia have been vital in shaping a common experience and providing an opportunity to get the word out about the work being done in the area of theological anthropology. 

Kevin Birth, Ph.D.
Queens College, CUNY - Anthropology

Simon Coleman, Ph.D.
University of Toronto - Anthropology

Celia Deane-Drummond, Ph.D.
University of Oxford - Theology

Omri Elisha, Ph.D.
Queens College, CUNY - Anthropology

Glenn D. Hinson, Ph.D.
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill - Anthropology

Diane E. King, Ph.D.
University of Kentucky - Anthropology

Derrick Lemons, Ph.D.
University of Georgia - Anthropology

Jenell Paris, Ph.D.
Messiah College - Anthropology

Robert J. Priest, Ph.D.
Taylor University - Anthropology

Paul Wason, Ph.D.
John Templeton Foundation - Archaeology and Life Sciences