On Knowing Humanity Project

"How might scientific anthropology gain a deeper understanding of the human condition with the help of insights from theological anthropology?"

The On Knowing Humanity (OKH) Research Project is a collaborative effort of scholars, primarily anthropologists and theologians, to discover ways of studying and understanding people and cultures holistically, including the spiritual dimension.

Anthropology as a discipline studies people and cultures as a science and from a naturalistic perspective. While this approach reveals much of the complexity of the human experience, it does not give credence to the existence of the human spirit (soul) or the Divine.

The OKH Research Project starts with the assertion that human life cannot be fully understood apart from a discussion of God's purposes for humanity and for creation. Theological anthropology can provide the additional tools that are needed to penetrate the full circumstances and meaning of human existence.

The OKH Project was founded by a generous grant from the John Templeton Foundation.