The BSN Graduate will be able to:

1. Practice safe professional holistic nursing care.
2. Integrate Christian values and ethics into professional nursing practice.

Learning Objectives of the BSN Program

  1. Demonstrate the art and science of professional caring incorporating the professional values of the discipline of nursing.
  2. Model critical thinking within the practice of professional nursing.
  3. Appraise listening, oral, nonverbal, written, and visual communication skills for efficacy.
  4. Demonstrate utilization, integration and application of knowledge generated through research as evidence in practice.
  5. Perform a comprehensive assessment of individuals, families and aggregates utilizing current technologies when needed.
  6. Practice safe evidence based nursing care.
  7. Promote health through education, risk reduction, and disease prevention.
  8. Appreciate human diversity and the implications of a global health care environment.
  9. Acknowledge and assess the spirituality of self and others.
  10. Use information and communication technologies to care for the patient and to enhance one's own professional knowledge.
  11. Evaluate therapeutic nursing care for individuals, families and aggregate groups in a dynamic, multi-faceted health care system according to accepted standards of practice.
  12. Explain the multiple roles of the professional nurse as a leader.
  13. Explicate the characteristics of holistic nursing practice within a Christian worldview.
  14. Apply to nursing practice an ethical framework that incorporates Christian worldview, moral concepts, professional ethics, law and respects diverse values and beliefs.
  15. Develop personal goals for continued professional development, self-care, and lifelong learning.

The baccalaureate nursing programs at  Eastern University are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, 655 K Street, NW Suite 750, Washington, D.C. 20001, (202) 887-6791.