About the Lab

The Nursing Resource & Simulation Lab provides a safe learning environment where nursing students are able to use clinical judgment, clinical reasoning and critical thinking through simulation-based learning activities while also refining fundamental and advanced nursing skills through skills-based learning.  To best facilitate this, the Nursing Resource & Simulation Lab is designed to simulate patient care settings and specialty practice areas. Simulation is becoming increasingly more important as a teaching-learning strategy that allows students to critically-think and make decisions about a patient’s care while also communicating and applying skills. As a result, it allows students to gain experience in working autonomously prior to graduating from nursing school.  

Eastern University's Nursing Resource & Simulation (NRS) Lab

Technology and Resource Integration

The Nursing Resource & Simulation Lab contains technology and resources that are used to support student learning through simulation-based and skills-based activities. The technology and resources available include, but are not limited to the following:

  • High-fidelity mannequins with corresponding touch screen monitors
  • Noelle Birthing Mannequin
  • Medium-fidelity mannequins with corresponding touch screen monitors
  • Simulation IQ EMS AV system and equipment
  • Alaris IV pumps
  • Medication administration carts
  • Functioning hospital beds
  • Functioning oxygen and air flowmeters
  • Skills trainers, such as full-body mannequins, IV arms, central line chests, etc. 
  • Pyxis Medication Dispense System

  • AVKIN Wearable Auscultation Simulator

  • AVKIN Wearable Wound

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“Having simulation has been beneficial to my learning because it allowed me to practice being an autonomous nurse, which required me to use critical thinking skills and make decisions, but without the fear of causing harm to my patient.”

Natalie Pabon (BSN2 Class of 2020)


Eastern University School of Nursing gratefully acknowledges the support of the Clemens family for their generous funding toward the development of the updated Nursing Resource and Simulation Lab. Additionally, Eastern University School of Nursing gratefully acknowledges the support of the McLean Contributionship for their multiple, generous funding awards.