BA in Missiology and Anthropology

Missions and Anthropology major

Why Major in Missiology and Anthropology?

The purpose of the BA in Missiology and Anthropology at Eastern University is to prepare students for Kingdom work in cross-cultural settings.  Anthropology provides ethnographic skills and an understanding of culture; missiology clarifies the gospel of Jesus and the mission of God. Together, the two disciplines create a unique degree that emphasizes the dialogue between Christ and cultures. 

Students receive classes in anthropology, missiology, cultural geography, Bible, linguistics, and contemporary issues that prepare them for work abroad or at home. Required experience enables students to gain the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in the fields of Missiology and/or Anthropology post graduation. Internships are also available.

The unique integration of two disciplines within a faith-based curriculum is focused on world-wide mission and cross-cultural service for the Kingdom of God.  With a BA in Missiology and Anthropology, students will be mentored by qualified and caring professors who will help them become educated and effective Christians working in cross-cultural contexts. 

Why Major in Missiology and Anthropology at Eastern?

  • Curriculum that integrates anthropological training with missionary purposes and equips students with intercultural skills as well as a solid, in-depth biblical foundation
  • Graduates are prepared for domestic and international positions with critical thinking skills and holistic approaches to analyze the root causes of social problems.
  • Field experience requirement with cross-cultural work through various agencies including assignments at local mission agencies and churches, service related opportunities, Evangelical Association for the Promotion of Education, Beyond Borders in Haiti, and World Vision
  • Internships available to gain work experience in either anthropology, missiology, or both.  As many as 12 credits can be earned in this way, under the careful guidance of supervisors in a variety of jobs.
  • Study abroad and ethnographies - Students are strongly encouraged to study abroad and/or do ethnographies in locations around the globe, including the China Studies Program, Creation Care Studies Program in Belize, and Urban Immersion Program in Philadelphia.
  • Student organizations – Habitat for Humanity, International Student Club, Youth Against Complacency and Homelessness Today (YACHT) Club
  • Student Journal entitled The Christian Ethnographer offers students the opportunity to prepare publishable research papers that apply theories and principles to real world problems and opportunities.

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