MBA in Economic Development

For more than 30 years, the Economic Development program has been equipping people of faith to partner with the poor in cities such as Nairobi, Mumbai, and Mexico City, as well as in rural communities all over the world. We serve alongside individuals, businesses, churches, and ministries with a program that recognizes the multifaceted causes of poverty.GOGRAD.ORG

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Business that Transforms

We recognize the need for holistic intervention strategies that address the underlying economic, social, cultural, political, and spiritual challenges of development abroad and in the United States. Furthermore, we recognize that business has an intrinsic role to play in building the Kingdom of God. Students can view business and their activity in business as God's tool of transformation for our world. Business can play a significant role in alleviating human suffering and solving social problems. 

In the MBA in Economic Development, students learn alongside faculty and mentors who have hands-on experience and deep appreciation for how business can service society. You will engage in study and undertake research in areas such as holistic community development, microfinance, theology of poverty, sustainable development, management, and social entrepreneurship.

Required field internships and the option to live and serve in under-resourced neighborhoods as you study will provide an incarnational setting to foster learning from those you are called to serve.

The theoretical, entrepreneurial and managerial knowledge rooted in God’s word will help you make a difference in working alongside the poor in economic development and spiritual transformation. From small business consultants in India to senior executives with major nongovernmental organizations, the Economic Development program today has hundreds of Eastern University alumni serving in more than 50 countries. We look forward to you joining them in transformational ministry in the cities and countries of our world.

Ross Woods, MBA '14

Roos Woods“I chose Eastern because it was the only school I could find that offered an MBA with a focus on economic development and viewed business as a tool to serve the 'bottom of the pyramid', which is a very unique distinctive. It is also unique in how it integrates faith into every aspect of the program. I discovered my love for being involved in work that matters, and this eventually led me to Eastern." 

Program Goal

Eastern University's MBA in Economic Development program serves to prepare theologically-informed students who have a strong sense of social justice, possess great business acumen, and who display a keen desire to serve God and society through business. The program takes seriously its mandate to be the intersection between market excellence and mission impact.

Dual Degree Option with Palmer Theological Seminary: Earn an MDiv in addition to the MBA offered by Eastern's Graduate Programs in Leadership and Development.

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