BA in Criminal Justice

The purpose of the Leadership Minor is to produce graduates with the capacity to understand and lead strategic change and renewal in organizations. The curriculum challenges students to apply critical thinking and collaborative skills in identifying the costs and consequences of planned change.

NOTE: A Minor in Leadership (18 credits, below) is available to any traditional undergraduate student. A Concentration in Leadership (15 credits) is available only to traditional undergraduate business students. 


Course Number Course Name Credit
LEAD 200 Introduction to leadership 3
LEAD 230 Leading Social Change 3
LEAD 305 Leadership Practicum 3
LEAD 335 Entrepreneurial Leadership 3
LEAD 345 Leadership through Innovation 3
LEAD 380 Communication Strategies for Leadership 3
LEAD 400 Leadership Capstone 3
LEAD 445 Leadership Strategies for Groups, Teams and Organizations 3
  Select any combination of LEAD courses for 15 Total Credit Hours 15
“By incorporating Faith into business, EU is preparing me to take on the future with a lot of confidence. Having Christians in the business world is very important. I believe that as Christians we are a light to the world and can make a huge impact in the way we lead with Christian principles. Eastern is doing a great job by creating leaders with a mission to make a difference in the world.”

- Norvin Orellana ’24