Welcome to EU!

We’re excited to welcome you to the Eastern University community! Whether you are a first-year student or transfer student, commuting or residing on campus, Orientation is for you. This is a time to become familiar with campus and the resources available to you. It’s also a great time to meet your new classmates. 

We know an Eastern education is valuable. We want as many students as possible to participate in this compassionate, dedicated, creative, academic community.

As part of the Eastern experience, you are likely to meet people who are different than you. Eastern University, as stated in our mission, seeks to “treat each member of the campus community with fairness, dignity, and respect, seeking a spirit of unity and harmony as we join together to achieve our common mission.” As an Eastern Eagle, you will be challenged to grow, academically, socially, and spiritually. We look forward to the journey together, in community with you – beginning now, at EU New Student Orientation! 

For All Incoming Students (Transfers, First-years, Commuters, Residents)

To Do
  • Health Insurance: All residential students are required to have health insurance. A copy of proof of insurance must be received in the university health center prior to move-in day and emailed to healthcenter@eastern.edu or  faxed to 610-341-5954. The health center can be reached at 610-341-5955. 
    If a student does not have health insurance the health center will provide resources. More information can be found on the Health Center website.
  • Register for e2Campus: Eastern's Emergency Alert System
  • Buy your books online: visit the Bookstore now
  • Get your E-Card: Visit the Service Stop on the Ground floor of Walton Hall to obtain your E-Card. E-Cards are used to access the Dining Commons for each meal as well as at other food services around campus. They are also used to gain admittance to Athletic and other EU events, to check out books from the library and to borrow University-owned materials, and to gain access to various campus buildings, resident halls and facilities.
Important Campus Policies
  • Important Info & Policies for All Students, All Schools
  • Important Fire Safety Information
  • Student Handbook - This is required reading for all students! Students who accept admission to Eastern agree to abide by all policies and procedures in the Student Handbook and are responsible to know what these policies are. The Handbook contains general information that is of importance as well.
  • EU Recycles!
  • Smoke-Free Campus: Eastern is a completely tobacco-free campus. If you use tobacco, we highly recommend that you take steps to quit the habit before you come to Eastern in the fall. Smoking is not permitted on the campus (inside or outside) or on the properties adjacent to the campus. Students who leave the campus specifically to smoke while walking along the perimeter roads or properties will be confronted and fined. No warnings will be given.

Specific Information

For Residents

Specific Information: For Residents 

  • Submit your Housing Preferences Form
    Submit your Housing Contract after you receive your placement
    *Check your EU email account for more information or contact Housing
  • St. Davids Campus Vehicle Regulations
  • First Year Student Resident Parking
  • Housing - Frequently Asked Questions
  • Residence Hall Linens - Many of the beds at Eastern University are extra-long and not standard twin size. Eastern University has partnered with this linens ordering program to provide you with convenient and affordable bedding options and more!
  • Move-In Day Parking Instructions:
    - Check the campus map to find out where your residence hall is located. Go to the parking lot nearest to your residence hall.
    - Look for signs in the parking lot with instructions concerning unloading.
    - Look for people wearing STAFF T-shirts to ask for information and have them help you move in.
    - Unload your vehicle as quickly as possible. Make sure someone stays with the vehicle until it is unloaded. You must unload and remove your car from the parking areas surrounding the residence halls within 30 minutes to allow others an opportunity to unload their vehicles.
    - After you unload, move your vehicle to a parking space in the McInnis Hall lots. Those lots are located on the Main area of campus near the Howard Center (the Library) and Walton Hall (Dining Commons). Everything on campus is within walking distance. Once you are parked away from the move-in area, you don’t have to move your vehicle again.
    - Park ONLY in designated spaces; do not park in travel or fire lanes and do not park others in. If you have a handicap and need assistance moving in, please call 610-341-1720 for instructions. Thank you for your patience during move-in!
  • All resident students are highly encouraged to purchase renters insurance.  For a small annual investment, you can insure your personal belongings. Although thefts or damages to student property while living in the EU residence halls are rare, students need to know that the University does not assume responsibility at any time for the private property of its students, no matter the cause, for any loss sustained.  Resident students, as well as students living in rental housing not on campus, are strongly urged to purchase annual renters insurance with a reputable insurance company.  Some homeowners insurance plans cover dependents' belongings while in college, but this should be verified in writing by the homeowners policy holder.
For Commuters
  • Commuter Meal Options
  • St. Davids Campus Vehicle Regulations
  • Parking Permit Application
  • Commuter Locker Option: Eastern University offers two types of lockers for our students commuting to and from campus. Commuter Lockers are available on the first floor of Walton Hall, where there is 24-hour access. You may rent a commuter locker free of charge, with the exception of purchasing your own lock for either Fall and/or Spring semesters. 
    - Fall Semester Rental Period: September 17th - December 15th
    - Spring Semester Rental Period: January 14th - May 10th
    Lockers can be renewed at the end of every semester. Commuter Lockers are located on the first floor of Walton Hall behind the double doors after the staircase.