The Graduate Counseling and Psychology Department often receives requests from our graduates to verify coursework for their applications to external credentialing bodies (i.e., licensure and certification boards).  These audits typically require departmental faculty and staff to:

  • consult university databases to obtain academic records,
  • search archived files to obtain syllabi for past courses,
  • review courses against credentialing requirements, and then
  • sign off on various forms required by the credentialing body and/or generate letters to them to verify that educational requirements have been met.

As these requests increase, the department’s ability to respond it a timely manner is becoming increasingly difficult.  Accordingly we have developed the follow steps for alumni to complete which will expedite the request.

  1. Conduct an initial review of your coursework on your own, by highlighting in your course syllabi all evidence of having met specific requirements of the credential you seek.
    NOTE: If you no longer have your syllabi, contact Louise Roeser ( and request copies of the syllabi.  Please list each course number, name, and semester in which it was taken.  She will email you PDFs of syllabi requested—if they exist in the department archives.
  2. Send  an overview letter of what you are requesting, along with the syllabi—highlighted as recommended above, and any forms you need completed, to Louise Roeser, Counseling Psychology Department, 1300 Eagle Road, St. Davids, PA 19087.
    NOTE: For students seeking verification of educational requirements for Pennsylvania Licensed Behavioral Specialists (LBS), please view the grid that summarizes these which you can use to document which of your courses meet the LBS requirements.

Louise Roeser will forward your request and materials to the appropriate program coordinator to review and (to the degree possible) verify the coursework for you.

Thank you,
Counseling Psychology faculty and staff