In our data-driven and technological age, individuals with a robust understanding of data science are more valuable than ever. Eastern’s MS in Data Science program is designed for students with all levels of experience, equipping you for a wide variety of interesting and in-demand careers. Gain specific, marketable skills in the top coding languages, along with critical knowledge in DS-standard programming, mathematics, statistics, data analysis, and machine learning.

Program Details

  • Location: Fully Online
  • Delivery: Self-paced within 7-week online courses
  • Length: As little as 10 months; 30 credits in as few as 2.5 semesters (6 credits per 7-week session)
  • Enrolling New Students: Every 7 Weeks
  • Cost: Total tuition & fees combined are $9,900 for 2021-22. 
    • Our extremely affordable tuition is approximately 50% to 80% less than other schools’ programs. 
    • Plus, receive a 20% Alumni Discount if you earned an undergraduate degree from EU!
  • Financial Aid: Discover federal and state financial aid options that may be available to you, as well as military benefits.
“Our program is extremely unique: We take a “data science for all” approach that meets each student where they are, whether they have a career’s worth of experience or just want to break into the field. Our self-paced format allows students to truly learn at their own pace. Taken together, our approach and format is perfect for every learner.”

Dr. Greg Longo, Program Director


DataScienceData scientist, data analyst, database administrator, data engineer, statistician, machine learning engineer, business intelligence analyst, business analyst, marketing analyst data manager. A Master's in Data Science is also extremely beneficial to a wide variety of fields within business, marketing, technology, and more.

Student Testimonial: Samantha

“Eastern’s self-paced program is catered to every student, no matter what background you are coming from. We all can relate. The number of areas where Data Science can make a difference is astonishing.”

Arvind Jagini, Current Student

How can a program this inexpensive also provide an outstanding education?

AffordabilityOur innovative self-paced design, combined with additional flexible course features, allow us to provide a high-quality education at a fraction of the price of most other programs.

  • Instead of professors lecturing at set times, setting due dates, requiring you to learn exclusively from their materials, or requiring you to be in a cohort, our PhD faculty have created coursework suited to your learning styles.  
  • You decide how to learn, whether that is through the lectures, textbooks, and other resources provided, or others you prefer.  You decide when you will complete assignments and exams within our 7-week terms.  And you decide how many courses you take per term.  
  • This maximizes flexibility to learn as a part of your busy work, family, and personal life, and lessens the need for expensive faculty input.
“I love how the Data Science program allows you to work at your own pace. With three kids and a full-time job, this has helped me balance my already busy schedule with school. The professors have been very responsive to questions and helpful in understanding exam questions.”

Marie Valadez, Current Student

Add an MBA!

Our innovative MBA/MS in Data Science Dual Degree gives you 2 degrees for less than $20,000, with overlapping credits.