Joao Monteiro, Ph.D.

João M. Monteiro

Chair, Department of Social Transformation; Professor of Sociology; Program Director, Sociology

João Monteiro is originally from the Cape Verde islands.  Prior to coming to Eastern University, he taught at Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island, and also at Eastern Nazarene College, Providence College, Rhode Island College, and the University of Rhode Island where he directed the Summer Program in Cape Verde for four years.  He also served for a time as Director of the Boston Education Collaborative.  At Eastern since 2005, he is past chair of the Sociology Department.  Under his watch, the department launched the new major and minor in Criminal Justice in Fall 2013.  He lives in Phoenixville with his wife Maria and son Alex.


B.A., Olivet Nazarene University
M.A., Olivet Nazarene University
M. Phil., Drew University
Ph.D., Drew University
At Eastern Since 2005

Courses Taught

Introduction to Sociology; Contemporary Social Problems; Immigration and Transnationalism; Sociology of Religion; Social Change and Globalization; Classical Sociological Theory; Contemporary Sociological Theory; Africa’s Triple Heritage and the Modern World.

Why I Teach at Eastern

Eastern gives me the opportunity to engage bright, curious, and often highly committed young people in the exploration of important questions of being and living together in community.  It allows me to participate with them in inquiries, discoveries, and reconsiderations of the foundations and structures of our collective experiences and the intersection of faith, reason and justice.

Research Interests

Migrations, Transnationalism, West African Christianity, Colonialism and Post-Colonialism

Books (Chapters)
  • “A Racionalidade, a Globalização, e Suas Implicações para o Desenvolvimento.”  In Investigação Científica e Integração Regional: Realidade e Perspectivas. Manuel Brito Semedo and Maria Emília Catela, editors.  West Africa Institute and Instituto da Biblioteca Nacional, Praia, Cabo Verde.
  • “Heroes, Ghosts and Politicians: Amilcar Cabral and the Democratic Transition in Cape Verde.”  In The Life, Thought and Legacy of Cape Verde’s Freedom Fighter Amilcar Cabral (1924-1973): Essays on His Liberation Philosophy. John Fobanjong and Thomas Ranuga, editors. Edwin Mellen Press.
  • “From Coal Depot to Cesária’s Home: Mindelo at the Crossroads of the World.”  In Urbanization and African Cultures. Toyin Falola and Steve Salm, editors.  Carolina Academic Press.