La Seng Dingrin

La Seng Dingrin

Adjunct Faculty, Global Studies and Service

Dr. Dingrin has been teaching at Eastern University since 2012. Originally, he came from the Kachin State, Burma (also called Myanmar). He had taught theology for three years (1998-2001) at the Myanmar Institute of Theology (Burma) before coming to Princeton Theological Seminary in 2001.

Dr. Dingrin is the ordained pastor of a diasporan church of Burmese refugees in Philadelphia. He believes they are sent as Christ's witnesses to the U.S. for a reverse mission. He is gearing the church to a mission-centered rather than church-centered one.

Dr. Dingrin is also the Coordinator of the Kachin Online Theological Forum (USA) to develop contextually-relevant and biblically-grounded Kachin theologies. He has written some articles.


PhD, Princeton Theological Seminary (World Christianity, Christian Missions, Ecumenics, and History of Religions)


Non-Western Christianity, Cross-cultural Christian Missions, Diaspora Missiology, Interaction between the Christian Gospel and Culture, Missional Ecclesiology, Theravada Buddhism, Encounter of Christianity with Other Religions, the Christian Theology of Religious Pluralism, Religious Conversion, Religion and Conflict Resolution, and Religion and Ethnic Identity

Statement from Dr. Dingrin

It is truly a blessing from God to be part of the faculty of Eastern University, equipping students for transforming the world and the Christian mission.