Staff Directory

Office of the Registrar
Phone: (610) 341-5853/ Fax: (610) 341-1707
Hours of Operation: 9 AM- 5 PM Weekdays
Contact Us:

Sarah Roche, University Registrar

Lori Bristol, Associate Registrar/Coordinator of Off-Campus Programs (610-225-5010)

  • Study Abroad: questions, brochures, problems
  • Graduate Education registration inquiries
  • Graduation/Diploma questions or problems

Karen Thompson, Assistant Registrar (610-341-5856)

  • Traditional incoming freshman or transfer students registration problems/ inquiries 
  • Questions about your degree audit 
  • Questions about transcripts from other schools
  • Traditional undergraduate permission to take coursework elsewhere

Jennifer Hawes, Transcript Officer/ Office Manager (610-341-1379)

  • Transcript requests for current students and alumni
  • Name, Address, and Phone Changes for Traditional Undergraduate/ Graduate Students 
  • Enrollment Verifications for Loan, Scholarships, or Insurance purposes 

Annie Webb, Transcript Clerk (610-225-5011)

  • Transcript requests for current students and alumni

Kate Ralg, Associate Registrar, GPS Programs (610-341-4392)

  • Transfer Credit Evaluation for GPS students 
  • Grades for GPS students 
  • Track fulfillment of graduation requirement for GPS
  • GPS Address Changes
  • Change of enrollment status for GPS undergraduate students
  • Undergraduate registration for GPS students

Megan Holcombe, Assistant Registrar, Accelerated and Online GPS Programs (610-341-1391)

  • Change of enrollment status for GPS graduate students
  • Graduate registration for Accelerated GPS students

Tyler Walls. Assistant Registrar, Scheduling (610-341-1773)

  • Schedule courses for GPS and Traditional Undergraduate

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