Class of 2020 Awards

Academic Honor Awards

Awarded to the graduating seniors who have attained the highest scholastic averages for three years; i.e., six semesters or more as full-time students at Eastern University.

  • Alexcia McKinney
  • Samantha Thomason
American Chemical Society Scholastic Achievement Award

Awarded to the graduating senior with the highest academic achievement in chemistry or biochemistry.

  • Colin Burden


Biblical Studies Award

Awarded by the department for excellence in Biblical Studies.

  • Kyra Anthony


Board of Fellows Outstanding Dissertation Award

Awarded for doctoral dissertations that not only embody a high quality of scholarship but also an integration of faith, reason and justice.

  • Kathleen (Kay) Nussbaum
Business Faculty Award

Awarded to a graduating business major who has displayed academic excellence as well as practical application of business concepts.

  • Caleb Sneller


Caroline Cherry Literature Award

Awarded to a graduating senior with a major in English literature who has both pursued and attained excellence in the critical engagement with literature.

  • Lauren Good
  • Breanna Myers


Criminal Justice Award

Awarded to a Criminal Justice major who demonstrates outstanding academic achievements as well as participation activities that benefit the larger community.

  • Lauren Kocsi


Diane Renich Kelley Award in Missions

Presented to a graduating student for excellence in missions, as nominated by the faculty of Missiology and Anthropology.

  • Abigail Fell-DeWalt


Elsie Williamson Fraser Award in Education

Awarded to a graduating education major for excellence and ability.

  • Carli Sitkowski


The Frederick J. Boehlke Award

Awarded to a history major by the department for a significant and unique contribution.

  • Jamie Bressmer


Gilbert L. Guffin Freedoms Foundation Award

A prize given to a graduating senior for the best paper in some area of American history, particularly as it concerns basic freedoms.

  • Robert Leamer


Heroic Endeavor Awards

Awards made to graduating students who have overcome extreme physical limitations, unusual family obligations, or other non-academic personal problems to secure their diplomas.

  • Rosanny Adorno
  • Victor Guillen Febres
  • Albert Urbina


Jack Geiger Memorial Award

Awarded to the graduating senior majoring in business administration or economics who was very active in the business student organizations.

  • Amanda Kelly


Janice Stead Memorial Award

Awarded to students selected by the Student Development directors for the student’s contribution to the Christian life program of the University.

  • James Conroy
  • Mariella DiStefano


Minnie Manning Psychology Award

Awarded to juniors or seniors majoring in psychology, on the basis of a high degree of interest as shown by a paper submitted to the Psychology Department.

  • Ashley Peart


Mrs. W. Byron Brown Christian Service Award

Awarded to a student going into full-time Christian service.

  • El-Fatih Chase
  • Kendra Kemp


Office of Faith and Practice Award

Awarded to a junior or senior student, nominated by the Office of Faith and Practice, who has shown the greatest aptitude in applying Christian principles to practical life.

  • Jaclyn Favaroso
  • Jacob Kurtz


Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants Award

Presented for excellence in accounting.

  • Christopher Durning


Phi Sigma Iota Language Honorary Award

Awarded to the graduating senior with the highest academic average in a language major.

  • Christiana Taylor


Sociology Award

Awarded to the graduating senior who, in the opinion of the faculty and students of the sociology department, demonstrated high competence in the field of sociology.

  • Suzanne Staherski


Student Body Award

Awarded by vote of the student body to the outstanding graduating senior in ability, activity and scholarship.

  • El-Fatih Chase
  • Mariella DiStefano
  • Kelsey Fiander-Carr
  • Nicole Weenink


Thomas Henry Fraser Award in Life Sciences

Awarded to a high-achieving graduating senior in pre-med, biology or biochemistry.

  • Mariella DiStefano


Thyra Ferre Bjorn Creative Writing Award

Awarded to a senior judged to have the greatest potential writing ability.

  • Nicole Markert


University Achievement Awards

Two awards made to graduating seniors who, in the judgment of the faculty, have shown initiative, industry and enterprise in their University careers.

  • Bernadette McGirr
  • Samantha Thomason


University Alumni Awards

Two awards presented to the graduating seniors who have made the most significant advance during their University careers.

  • Colin Burden
  • Nicole Weenink


Youth Ministry Award

Awarded by the department for excellence in the study of Youth Ministries.

  • Anna Van Deventer