Commencement Awards

Academic Honor Awards

Awarded to the graduating seniors who have attained the highest scholastic averages for three years; i.e., six semesters or more as full-time students at Eastern University.

American Chemical Society Scholastic Achievement Award

Awarded to the graduating senior with the highest academic achievement in chemistry or biochemistry.

Biblical Studies Award

Awarded by the department for excellence in Biblical Studies.

Board of Fellows Outstanding Dissertation Award

Awarded for doctoral dissertations that not only embody a high quality of scholarship but also an integration of faith, reason and justice.

Business Faculty Award

Awarded to a graduating business major who has displayed academic excellence as well as practical application of business concepts.

Caroline Cherry Literature Award

Awarded to a graduating senior with a major in English literature who has both pursued and attained excellence in the critical engagement with literature.

Criminal Justice Award

Awarded to a Criminal Justice major who demonstrates outstanding academic achievements as well as participation activities that benefit the larger community.

Diane Renich Kelley Award in Missions

Presented to a graduating student for excellence in missions, as nominated by the faculty of Missiology and Anthropology.

Elsie Williamson Fraser Award in Education

Awarded to a graduating education major for excellence and ability.

The Frederick J. Boehlke Award

Awarded to a history major by the department for a significant and unique contribution.

Gilbert L. Guffin Freedoms Foundation Award

A prize given to a graduating senior for the best paper in some area of American history, particularly as it concerns basic freedoms.

Heroic Endeavor Awards

Awards made to graduating students who have overcome extreme physical limitations, unusual family obligations, or other non-academic personal problems to secure their diplomas.

Jack Geiger Memorial Award

Awarded to the graduating senior majoring in business administration or economics who was very active in the business student organizations.

Janice Stead Memorial Award

Awarded to students selected by the Student Development directors for the student’s contribution to the Christian life program of the University.

Minnie Manning Psychology Award

Awarded to juniors or seniors majoring in psychology, on the basis of a high degree of interest as shown by a paper submitted to the Psychology Department.

Mrs. W. Byron Brown Christian Service Award

Awarded to a student going into full-time Christian service.

Office of Faith and Practice Award

Awarded to a junior or senior student, nominated by the Office of Faith and Practice, who has shown the greatest aptitude in applying Christian principles to practical life.

Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants Award

Presented for excellence in accounting.

Phi Sigma Iota Language Honorary Award

Awarded to the graduating senior with the highest academic average in a language major.

Sociology Award

Awarded to the graduating senior who, in the opinion of the faculty and students of the sociology department, demonstrated high competence in the field of sociology.

Student Body Award

Awarded by vote of the student body to the outstanding graduating senior in ability, activity and scholarship.

Thomas Henry Fraser Award in Life Sciences

Awarded to a high-achieving graduating senior in pre-med, biology or biochemistry.

Thyra Ferre Bjorn Creative Writing Award

Awarded to a senior judged to have the greatest potential writing ability.

University Achievement Awards

Two awards made to graduating seniors who, in the judgment of the faculty, have shown initiative, industry and enterprise in their University careers.

University Alumni Awards

Two awards presented to the graduating seniors who have made the most significant advance during their University careers.

Youth Ministry Award

Awarded by the department for excellence in the study of Youth Ministries.