Residence Life Staff

Residence Directors

Each residence hall/housing unit has a live-in professional staff member who is available for consultation, counseling, and discussion. Residence Directors (RDs) are available in the evening hours for emergency student-related needs. RDs work closely with the Residence Life Staff. Click here to view bios of Residence Directors (listed among other members of the Student Development staff).

Heidi Birtwistle - Hainer Hall RD & Assistant Athletic Director - 610.341.1738
Theresa Noye - Kea-Guffin Hall RD & Chapel Worship Team Adviser - 610.341.5992
Krista Barnett - Sparrowk Hall RD & Student Life Programming Coordinator - 610.341.5952
Jackie Irving - Assistant Dean of Students - 610.341.5872
Alexis Dunbar - Eagle Hall RD & Act 101 Counselor - 610.341.1541
Courtney Johnson - Gallup Hall RD & Student Housing Coordinator - 610.225.5575
Bryce Johnson - Gough Hall RD & Student Life Programming Coordinator 610.341.5952
Ben Howard - Director of Student Life Programming & The Village RD 610.341.5575

Resident Assistants

Each floor of students (between 14 and 40 resident students) has a Resident Assistant (RA) who lives in a central location on the floor. RAs at Eastern are concerned with each individual's adjustment to and success in college. They are supportive, mature students who are trained in para-professional counseling skills, crisis intervention, and community building.

When campus expectations are not met or policies are violated, the RA will often be the first person to confront the student. However, the primary goal of the RA is to establish a harmonious living situation on the floor that fits the goals and expectations of the University.

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