RAs are a community of student leaders dedicated to influencing the EU community and making a difference in the lives of residential students.  Being an RA is both challenging and rewarding and will grant you unique opportunities to make an impact. 

Benefits of becoming an RA

In addition to dynamic training in conflict resolution, crisis management, leadership development, and peer counseling, the experience of being a leader among peers in the hall is the most rewarding aspect of the position. RAs will also receive a dedicated scholarship designed to serve as a waiver of room charges. 

Eligibility to become an RA

RAs at Eastern University are sophomores, juniors, and seniors who demonstrate exceptional interpersonal, organizational, and decision-making skills. To receive full consideration for the position, applicants must maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA and be in good disciplinary standing. 

Key Dates- 2023

RA Interest Meetings:
January 20th- 3pm
January 23rd- 10am
January 31st - 5pm
February 7th - 12pm

RA Applications Due: February 10th
RA Recommendation Letter Due: February 17th
Group Interviews: February 16th and February 17th
Individual Interviews: February 20th or 21st
Decision Letters Sent: March 13h
Deadlines for Candidate to Accept: March 17th
Placement Letters Sent: March 29th

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Applications for the 2023-2024 RA staff are currently available