Overnight guests are welcome under the proper conditions.  This form is for guests outside of Eastern to stay in the residence halls. No strangers (uninvited guests) may at any time stay in any of the halls.  You must have a conversation with your roommate(s) before inviting a guest. Male guests may stay in any of the men's residence halls and female guests may stay in any of the women's residence halls provided they are invited by:

  1. A resident of one of the halls.

  2. Another Eastern student who has made arrangements with a resident.

  3. A faculty or staff member who has made arrangements with a resident.

All guests must be registered with the Resident Assistant, with all forms properly filled out by 8:00 p.m. on the evening before their first overnight.  There is no charge for overnight guests, but if an unregistered guest is discovered, or the guest policies are violated, the student hosting the guest will lose overnight privileges. There may be additional fines.

Students are permitted to have overnight guests (18 years or older), but no more than two guests per semester and not during finals week or over breaks. Guests under the age of 18 are not permitted to stay overnight in residence halls (unless it’s a special event for the University). In the case of a special event, the student must be 16 years or older and have a permission slip signed from a parent/guardian which will be given to them by the host of the special event. The special permission form must be carried on the prospective student at all times.

Various types of misconduct for which the guests will be asked to leave and hosts will be subject to university discipline include the following (see the Student Handbook for more information):

Eastern University does not condone and will not tolerate any behavior, verbal or physical, which constitutes sexual harassment. Use, sale, distribution, and possession of cannabis and other illegal drugs. Gambling. Unauthorized possession or use of firearms (including air rifles and pistols), ammunition or explosives (including fireworks) in or upon university-owned or university-supervised property. Unauthorized use of tobacco. Smoking and vaping is not permitted on campus or areas adjacent to the campus. Use or possession of alcoholic beverages for any purpose. Failure to comply with the directions of the university officials in performance of their duties. Exhibiting dangerous or threatening behavior. Damage to property. Failure to provide identification when asked to do so. Any violations of community expectations or standards or the law. See the EU Student Handbook for more information.

It will be assumed by the university that a resident student has knowledge of and is aware of, within reason, conditions existing within his/her room and activities taking place therein- accordingly a student will be held responsible for those conditions and activities occurring in their room found to be in violation of university policy even when policies are violated by their guest.

Guests who have strong disagreements with our Christian emphasis and are unable to support and respect the ideals of the university should make arrangements to stay elsewhere. These guest regulations are in accordance with Pennsylvania State laws and Eastern University's security policies. Security regulations require that every campus guest be hosted by a specific current resident who must accompany the guest at all times.

Guest Registration Form

Please fill out this form for guests outside of EU to stay in the residence halls