Ashlee Williams

Eagle Hall Resident Director; Act 101 Counselor

Ashlee is the new RD for Eagle Hall and the ACT 101 Counselor. She was previously an Undergraduate Admissions Counselor at Eastern, so you may have seen her around.  This new opportunity to work more directly with students and have an influence on the culture of our community has Ashlee feeling excited and inspired.  She completed her undergraduate study in her home state at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with Bachelor of the Arts in Communications Studies, Women's and Gender Studies, and African-American Studies.  She then went on to pursue a Master of the Arts in Transformational Leadership at Seattle University.  This program was housed in the School of Theology and Ministry, where she worked with other students on inter-religious dialogue, equity and inclusion in ministry, and public programming focused on integrating secular and non-secular folk into a meaningful community.  As a result, Eastern University's commitment to faith, justice, and reason resonates with her personally, professionally, and as a life long learner.  Ashlee appreciates the loving and supportive spaces Eastern provides to have difficult conversations about how to impact the world in new and positive ways.

In her free time, Ashlee enjoys yoga, puzzles, crafts of almost any kind, listening to music, and creative writing.  She likes to think she knows her way around the kitchen, so she also enjoys cooking big meals for family and friends.  Sunday dinner is a tradition that is near and dear to her heart.  Ashlee hopes that the feeling of Southern hospitality she experienced at home and in undergrad translates to folks feeling energized, welcome, and well connected in her building and the EU community at large.  If you have any questions about how to contribute to building a community of learning and growth in our building and across campus, feel free to reach out to her.  May you be well and assured in all of your endeavors!