Is it possible to participate in intercollegiate athletics during the professional phase of the ATP?
  • Yes.  Student-Athletes who wish to participate in their given sport during the professional phase are encouraged to meet with the Program Director to discuss effective time-manage and communication skills needing during periods of overlap.  Student-Athletes are required to work closely with the Clinical Education Coordinator to generate an appropriate schedule, and ensure all clinical education requirements are met.
Am I required to have a vehicle in order to complete clinical rotations?
  • No.  The ATP at Eastern University is fortunate to have a variety of clinical rotations very close to the St. Davids campus which require little to no travel.  Additionally, there are “car-pooling” opportunities for sites located further away from campus.
Are there extra fees associated with the professional phase of the ATP?
  • Yes.  The following chart represents additional costs associated with the professional phase of the ATP.  It is important to note the distinction between required and recommended fees.
Fee Type: Cost: Distinction:
E-value (Online data mgt service) Approximately $100 per year Required
Background Check / Clearances Approximately $75 Required
Travel expenses: gas, tolls (where applicable) Varies per clinical site ** Required
Lab fees 2 - $150 lab fees (1 sophmore, 1 junior) Required
Clinical symposia registration 2 - $20 fees (junior year) Required
NATA Membership $85 per year Recommended
PATS Student Symposia Approximately $50 per year Recommended

**Every effort is made to limit the amount of personal travel required of each athletic training student during the professional phase of the program.  Eastern University has a variety of affiliated clinical education sites.  These sites vary in proximity to the St. Davids campus: From within 1 mile of campus, to those requiring minimal travel (within 5 miles of campus), to those requiring moderate travel (between 10-20 miles from campus).  Car-pooling opportunities do exist within the program.

Will a BS in Athletic Training prepare me for a degree in PT, OT, PA or other Allied Health graduate degrees?
  • The BS in Athletic Training is an entry-level Allied Health degree which follows a “medical education” model.   This degree prepares students to sit for the Board of Certification’s national certification exam.  Candidates who successfully complete this exam are eligible to obtain a state license to practice Athletic Training in a state of their choosing.