Mission Statement

The Christian Ethnographer is a student-run anthropological journal dedicated to enriching the field of Christian anthropology. We study anthropology in order to better understand God's creation and what it means to be created in His image, and our journal aims to explore these ideas through the writing of ethnographies. We strive to give a voice to young anthropologists who can revitalize the discipline through a faith-based approach to ethnography.

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Author’s Instructions

The Christian Ethnographer invites the submission of high quality papers that are based on ethnographic research, reflect clear anthropological analysis, come from a Christian perspective, and engage reflexivity, the notion that what we learn about other cultures can teach us something about ourselves.  Experimental forms of ethnography, such as photo essays or poetry, are also welcome. 

Manuscripts should be 1,500 - 2,000 words long, very well edited, and with a clear topic and conclusion.  Include a brief abstract of the paper and a short biography (2-3 sentences) about the author.  All charts, figures, and photographs should be given titles and referred to directly in the paper.  Please use 10 point Times New Roman font, endnotes rather than footnotes, and anthropological style citation, as follows:

For in-text citation:  (author year:page)

For the bibliography:

  • For Books:
    Last name, First name
        Year    Title.  Place: Publisher.
  • For Articles:
    Last name, First name
        Year    “Title.”  Journal name vol.#:pages.

Manuscripts that are accepted for publication will be returned with editors’ comments for one revision.  Submission dates are: October 15th for the fall issue and January 15th for the spring issue.  Please email submissions to Carolyn Wason, Senior Editor, at  For artwork, please consult Kaitlyn Dagen, Design Editor, at