Expressions of Eastern

A collaboration between members of the chapel worship team producing original worship music for the Eastern community

“His brushstrokes are broader, His framework is wider, I may see in part, But you see the whole.”

These lyrics come from a series of original songs penned by a group of six talented artists in Eastern University’s Chapel Worship Team. Over the period of several months, the team collaborated on writing and recording these pieces in a recording studio. “The vision was to write songs meant for our community, birthed from our collective experiences, that spoke directly to God’s character, actions, and people,” shares music composition major Joshua Guenther ’21.

Each song originated with a team member – inspired by a thought, life experience, or longing – and was then molded, established, and brought to life. The result was four unique and beautiful expressions of faith, reflecting the diversity of the team.

“Our team is full of different giftings – from lyric writing to instrumentation, production, and design,” shares Mariella DiStefano ’20. “Each person brings their own style and their own message that the Lord has placed on their heart, and the way these pieces come together to create something beautiful is like nothing I've ever seen.”

The opportunity to create original music for the EU community has allowed the team to use their talents as an extended way of worship, creating community, and reset. “Music truly is a refuge where I find space to reset my intentions, attitude, and mentality,” Mariella shares. “I believe that God uses music as a connection not only to Him, but as a deeper way for communities to declare truths about him together.”

Listen to a song and keep an eye out for new releases!

This article was originally featured in the Fall 2020 Edition of Eastern Magazine. View the full magazine here.