Graduate Early. Save Money. Lighten Your Load. The New Eastern University FastPass™ Program

St. Davids, PA: Eastern University is excited to announce the new Eastern University Fastpass™ program. The value-laden and student centered program, which begins in the fall of 2018, is designed to offer residential students in traditional undergraduate programs three options to graduate early, save money and lighten their load.  

The architect behind the concept, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Kenton Sparks, said in announcing the one-of-a-kind offering, “If we assume that students will choose Eastern University because of the better value we offer, the end result of this initiative should be our mission of Faith, Reason and Justice being delivered to more students; and more students happy with their Eastern University experience.” 

The game-changing program works by giving residential students in traditional undergraduate programs two, tuition-free online summer classes for each year of study at Eastern University. 

Depending on their individual academic and student life needs and goals, students may choose from three options to capitalize on their tuition-free online summer classes. 

Option one of Eastern University Fastpass™ provides significant financial benefit to students who would like to graduate in three years vs. the traditional four years required for an undergraduate degree.  To take full advantage of this option, students will take 18 credits for five semesters, 19 credits in one semester, plus 6 credits in each of two summer sessions.  

Option two of Eastern University Fastpass™ is geared to students who would like to lighten their load from a typical 15 or 18 credit semester to a 12 or 13 credit semester during the academic year. These students will then take subsequent 6 credit summer course loads. This option will appeal to students with jobs or students with rewarding but vigorous extracurricular activities like athletics, music or student government.   

Option three of Eastern University Fastpass™ provides a convenient pathway for traditional undergraduate students who would like to double major.  These students will find it easier to complete majors in more than one field and will pay for college once but receive two different academic qualifications.  

The summer online course offering will be robust and include courses from many academic departments and Eastern University’s core curriculum.

In addition to Eastern University Fastpass™ the University is offering EU FastPass lite, which offers a discount on online summer courses to Eastern University Traditional Undergraduate Commuter students who maintain a full time course load during the academic year.  Summer online courses in 2019 will be $195 per credit hour, a discount of over 50%. 

For more details on the Eastern University Fastpass™ program or EU FastPass Lite, visit

Eastern University is a Philadelphia Christian university of the arts and sciences located in the western suburbs of Philadelphia at 1300 Eagle Road in St. Davids, PA. Eastern enrolls approximately 3,500 students in its undergraduate, graduate, professional, urban, Seminary and international programs. Its core values of faith, reason and justice are woven into all of its educational programs. For more information visit or contact Denise McMillan, Communications Director, 610-341-4365,