Wednesday Night Wonder

String lights illuminate the floor and music spills out of Gough Great Room as the doors swing open and students funnel into the sacred space. This is Wednesday Night Worship — a weekly gathering for collaborative worship amongst the Eastern community: kneeling in awe, praying in confidence, and singing with boldness.

“I have never once entered Wednesday Night Worship and left without feeling the presence of God,” expresses aspiring physical therapist and exercise science major Faith Lauffer ’22. “It has changed the entire way I view my faith and connection to God.”

Crafted with intention, Faith’s sculpture entitled The Spirit of Wednesday Night Worship was inspired by the transformative work of the Holy Spirit and the overwhelming comfort experienced in the presence of God. “The figure in the back represents the Holy Spirit, who remains faceless because we can only wonder at the face of God,” Faith shares. “The figure being held is meant to represent all of us — it remains faceless for others to see themselves in the figure.” Faith believes that wondering about God and his character isn’t tied up in worrying about the unknown, but in embracing curiosity and resting in His peace.

This sculpture is especially important to Faith because she one day hopes to work with children experiencing debilitating physical conditions. Faith is passionate about seeing people supported and well-cared-for during difficult seasons — a beautiful parallel to how the Holy Spirit cares for and sustains us through the experience of God’s presence found within the community of believers.

This article was originally featured in the Spring 2019 Edition of Eastern Magazine. View the full magazine here.